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Aug 28, 2006 03:38 AM

Taqueria Estila Mexico & Cora's (both on Washington near Centinela)

Has anyone tried either of these places? Are they worth checking out?

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  1. I really enjoyed Taqueria Estilo Mexico... one of the best taquerias on the west side... Here's my review:


    We haven't had a chance to try coras. We got a takeway menu from them once and nothing really inticed me. It all seems like pretty typical combo plate dinners and not that cheap either! :P I dunno how good they are doing at their new location either. It always looks empty and they now have 2x1 mondays...


    1. I live in the neighborhood and prefer Taqueria Sanchez around the corner on Centinella about 4 blocks south of Wash. Bl. across from the slammin' Angel Maid Bakery.
      I ate at Cora's old location on Wash. Bl. and never had the urge to go back. It was just OK. I liked the tacos at Taqueria Estilo Mex. and my friends are in love with their burritos. But you can't beat the tortas (I like al pastor) or the gorditas at Taq. Sanchez. They have a delicious little salsa bar that has the usual offerings along with a tasty avocado sauce (not to be confused with guacamole) that goes well drizzled over the tortilla chips.

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        my favorites at taqueria sanchez (the one on centinela) are the shrimp taco, the shrimp tostada (which is made with prawns, not the little bay shrimp), and the mojarra frito (sp? a delicious whole tilipia battered and deep fried served with a salad).

        i found taqueria sanchez because of chowhound, and now i'm addicted big time.

      2. Cora's is horrible. Nice lady, but the food stinks. They do give you a lot though.

        1. Check out Bandini's review of Taqueria Estilo Mexico at the following link:


          1. Cora's is just OK - basic passable Mexican. Paco's is cerayinly better.

            Taqueria Estila Mexico pretty much falls in the same category - not really that great, especially in comparison with Don Felix, Taqueria Sanchez, & Tacomiendo all close by.

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              I like all of those, but they have different strenghts and weaknesses making all four (including TSM) really great options in the city...

              Don Felix I just tried last week. It wins on the front that it has Mulitas (Something I had not seen on the menu of either of the three), but I was horrified at the amount of plastic cheese they use on their beans and other items.

              Taqueria Sanchez, no doubt about it, the shrimp taco and burrito. I only get that there. The Asada is weak however.

              Tacomiendo, despite them making the tortillas by hand, they are horribly dry and flavorless. The burrito is the thing to get here, ESPECIALLY the carnitas... YUM!!

              Taqueria Estilo Mexico, I just went today... the thing here is the Adobovada and the Cabeza. Seriously, some of the BEST Cabeza in town PERIOD. It cut in CHUNKS (Not stewed down to greasy ribbons) and holds on to it's funky flavor that makes cabeza an 'advanced' meat. The way to have both of these is Sopes, they do them fresh, they are HOT and soft when served. Garnished with Mexican Cream, delicate lettuce and small tomato slice and lots of funky queso anejo (No plastic cheese here!!) I also adore their fresh made Spicy Carrots... YUM... Their downfall, their Burrito... Pathedic and just like the rest of the places, are catering a bit to their westside 'clientelle' by offering a low carb menu... :P

              Eitherway, I'm an old skool L.A. Chicana who just started living on the west side, I'm glad to have these options here because if you would have told me about real taquerias in Culver City/WLA when I was living in So. Central, I would have just LAUGHED...


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                Hmmm...I've had very different experiences from yours at most of these places. I thought that the carnitas at Taqueria Estilo Mexico were somewhat bland (IIRC, I had it in a burrito...don't recall for sure, it was two years ago...in any case, didn't try the adobada or cabeza or sope), and the carnitas tacos at Tacomiendo were like cubed pork loin. Maybe they've changed in the last two years? Don Felix is a fave for one thing: the burrito mojado. I don't usually like smothered burritos, but the spicy red sauce they use is wonderfully adictive, and has a mole-vibe going on. Even my chile-phobic wife laps it up. Sometimes their asada is overly salty, so I usually ordered the pastor. I do agree on Taqueria Sanchez...love the pastor.

                P.S. thanks for your previous posts on El Mercado and Las Cinco Puntas...great tips.

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                  Oh you are very welcome. And DO try the sopes, they are just killer! :)

                  Oh, and just to be on the safe side, even if it's called that way at Don Felix, at most places (ESPECIALLY in ELA and So. Central) most 'drowned' burritos and tortas are called Ahogadas. Calling anything "Mojado" is generally frowed upon by the Latino community... ;)