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Aug 28, 2006 03:20 AM

DAMIANO'S PIZZA (Fairfax) is terrible!!

I can't believe these guys have the nerve to charge me $3.50 to deliver a pizza DOWN THE STREET from them. They are the biggest SCAM!

Their pizza was not that great. Their so-called "Large Pizza" is a JOKE! Tiny slices.

HELP! Is there another WeHo pizza place that delivers the good stuff without RIPPING YOU OFF??

Much appreciated,

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  1. I also had a bad experience at Damianos recently. I was there last Sunday afternoon and ordered a slice of cheese pizza to be eaten there. After sitting down in one of their dirty and torn old booths I was given a slice that looked like it had been sitting out for days (I had my camera with me and took a photo of the dried-up slice because I wanted to post it here on CH, but I don't know how to do that). I took a bite and got so upset that I went up and scolded the cooks for even daring to serve a slice of that dreadful quality. I demanded another slice from one of their other pre-made pizzas and they kindly gave one to me. It was much better than the first slice but still was rather skimpy and wasn't heated enough. I left vowing never to return unless it was at 3:00am after a drunken night out and couldn't afford to walk across the street to Canters...

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      Their whole pies are fair to mediocre, but their slices sold in-store are truly awful. I think they do sit there for days.

    2. 1) Yes, Damiano's is awful. What did you expect?
      2) No one forced you to get delivery, especially if, as you say, you live just down the street. They are free to charge whatever they want, just as you are free not to pay it. So stop complaining.

      1. i agree- damiano's is horrible! the service is quite awful as well. but the pizza itself is disgusting. always tastes funny to me. i don't understand how people like this place.

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        1. re: jazmin

          Actually easy to understand the appeal, provided that its after midnight and one has a belly (and blood system) filled with booze. The food (and the people) with whom one fraternizes in the midnight hour are often of a more dicey nature than that which one soberly chooses for consumption and companionship in the harsh light of midday...

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            I once went there, sat down and ordered an appetizer and a pasta.

            The appetizer came pretty quickly, but after like 45 min or an hour, the pasta didn't arrive and then we found out that the waitress had never put in the order.

            We had to leave to catch a show, so we left without our dinner. The funny thing is, I remember having to pay for the appetizer. No biggie, I guess, we ordered it and ate it. But considering we sat for an hour and never got our pasta, I'd have thought they'd apologize by waving the few bucks for the appetizer.

            I bet I haven't been there in 15 years. It's sort of gross inside, too.

          2. Thanks for listening, Guys. Are there any alternatives in the area?

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            1. re: Liquid Sky

              I really like Rocco's on Wilshire, just west of Crescent Heights. We order from there about once a week and are always very happy. (We've also eaten inside the restaurant, where service is friendly and a game is always on TV.)

              The pizza is good--we like extra-thin crust with sausage, basil, and mushrooms. Antipasto salad is excellent. I also occasionally order "Leo's Carbless Ziti," which is actually like a lasagna without the noodles (lots of sauce, cheese, and meat).

              1. re: Liquid Sky

                I second the recommendation of Rocco's.

              2. I think Angeli Caffe ( ) delivers in that area, and I think their pizza is pretty good. You might also try Village Pizzeria on Larchmont ( ) which is quite good, I think, but I'm not sure if they'll deliver west of La Brea.