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Aug 28, 2006 03:17 AM

Can anyone comment on Tojo (Vancouver) versus Sushi Kaji (Toronto)

I live in Toronto near Sushi Kaji and love it......I'm in Vancouver now and have one night open for dinner so I assumed I'd try Tojo but now I'm wondering if I should try something other words are they similar in style and quality?

Been to Lumiere before......and searching Chowhound now for other alternatives but wondered if anyone could compare the two restaurants.

Thanks for your help

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    1. Did Ouest morph into West?

      1. yes east is east and ouest is west

        1. Unless you want to pay beaucoups loonies for disinterested service I'd avoid Tojo's. Search the board for my review (or lack thereof) from September of last year.

          And West is best!

          1. If sushi is what you are after then a must is Aji Sai. I am familar with Sushi Kaji in Toronto, and Aji Sai is much better. The atmosphere, the service and the food all out do Kaji - not to mention the price. For real is sushi is what you want the head to Aji Sai (no cooked food, just sushi, sashimi and a few grilled fish items. Nothing deep fried) Go early as there are only a handful of tables and no reservations are offered. They are closed Mondays.