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Aug 28, 2006 03:13 AM

Corned Beef Hash

Does a place exist where they make corned beef hash with real meat and not the stuff out of a can? I always enjoy it at diners but can't help but remember the time I tried making it and the canned meat is so not unlike petfood. Sorry for the image.

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  1. I had an decent corned beef hash at Fran's diner at Victoria and Shuter last week. I don't often eat this dish, so I'm not really sure exactly what it is usually like, but it tasted okay and certainly didn't remind me of pet food in any way. Lots of onions and stuff mixed in, an the meat was in little cubes. Came with good homefries, eggs, toast, and coffee for about $10 plus tip.

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      Same dish is available at the Fran's on College, just west of Yonge.

    2. I honestly can't tell you if it's real meat or canned (it's been a while since I've been), but the Mars Cafe on College at Bathurst makes Killer hash. Served with coleslaw, eggs on top, homefries and (my favourite way) dark rye toast. I have to go for a fix soon!

      1. They have corned beef hash on the brunch menu at Toba, and if anywhere they would probably have the real stuff. My breakfast, Hangover Helper - Scrambled Eggs, Chorizo, etc was excellent.

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          The corned beef hash at Toba is great! I had eaten breakfast there many times before trying it, but it turned out to be one of the best things on their brunch menu. Definitely recommend it, and most of the brunch menu.

          Dinner there is not so great, although not terrible. Stick to brunch, for the most part.

        2. Coleman's at Bathurst and Lawrence makes great corned beef hash. It's the real thing, apparently made from the scraps remaining when they slice meat for sandwiches (not from a can, as they serve at Fran's). It's by far the best I've had in Toronto.

          I don't particularly recommend the sandwiches, knishes, soups, et al--just that hash.

          1. I dont know for sure if its canned or not, but I would check out Shopsy's on Front at Yonge.. they hare famous for their corned beef, and i THINK its fresh, not canned.

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            1. re: hungryabbey

              Respectfully, I think that Shopsy's at Front and Yonge is one of the worst places to eat in the city. They don't do much well. I can't imagine that their hash is any good.

              I have not had it. But, I have been to that restaurant and would never go back.

              1. re: Fwagra

                haha, i have only tasted a small spoon full, and as I do not like corned beef hash, I dont really know if shopsy's is any good.. I just know they make it, and i THINK is itsnt canned.

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                  I completely agree, Shopsy's sucks. They must rely on location and tourists, I can't see much return business there.