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Aug 28, 2006 03:02 AM

Teany Has Gone Downhill :{

I returned to Teany (Rivington and Ludlow) for the first time in months this past week hoping that things had improved. (Teany had been in danger of closing a while back and had to make drastic changes such as eliminating most of the menu, their take-out next door, etc) Their excellent tea list has stayed the same thankfully but their menu has suffered a bit. Their tofu cheesecake now has an oddly textured crust and is only offered in one flavor (they used to have several). Their sandwich selection is now limited. Also the staff is overwhelmed- they were always on the slow side but this past time that I went I saw several people leave...I decided to wait the 25 minutes to be served (guess I am a glutton for punishment:} ) I still recommend Teany for those who LOVE tea because they have an amazing selection, their coffee is excellent as are their italian sodas (yum). However, skip the food- it is not worth the wait.

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  1. as far as i know, they outsource their cakes from a vegan baker. if the quality isn't the same, it isn't necessarily teany's fault.

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      They should work with their provider to improve the quality.
      If they don't do anything about it then it's their fault.

    2. I know that they outsource their cakes. If in fact they use the same bakery as before then it just leaves me scratching my head because they have numerous desserts to choose from (specifically cheesecake) so again...why choose one with such a strange, inedible crust?

      1. a friend and i stopped in last month, craving the mint tea, and the hostess was so rude that we left. very disappointing.

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          I returned to Teany over a month ago and was somewhat happier- the service was a lot improved. Also they offered a pumpkin cheesecake which was delicious! (But I doubt they still offer it as it seemed to be seasonal and the berry cheesecake with the strange crust is still on their menu).

        2. you can't get any tea sandwiches anymore unless you order the whole afternoon tea thing.

          1. Just visited again yesterday afternoon for the first time in many months, looking forward to the afternoon tea again (was not on the menu last time I was there). Two people on wait staff, and we waited a few minutes, ignored, until a table became free on the outdoor area. We sat down before the table was cleared, and minutes later the male staff (the guy with the facial hair, sorry did not get his name) came by, I smiled and said hi, then he shot my husband a dirty look and threw the menus at us after gruffly wiping down the table. Then he had the nerve to complain loudly to a pair of women that had arrived afterward that we didn't wait to be seated and just sat down! We were so stunned (husband pissed, actually) that we left. He should have at least told this to our faces instead of attempting to shame us in front of the other customers. Pity, as I did like the place previous times; maybe I'll go back if I know he's been fired, but I don't think I could get my husband to return.