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Cloud berries.

Anyone know where to find fresh cloud berries? The jam is readily available online, but I haven't been able to find fresh berries.

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  1. The fresh berries are notoriously perishable. Your best bet would probably be a trip to Labrador or Quebec's Lower North Shore, both of which are cloudberry heaven.

    1. Thanks, that's what I thought. It'll make a nice weekend trip (and I can gourge myself on cloud berries).

      1. I pick them every summer in Newfoundland. Rodrigues winnery even sells cloudberry (aka bakeapple) wine!

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          Oof--it's been nearly ten years, but I can still taste the cloudberry wine my old roommate and I got schmabled, totalled, drunk off one night.

          The flavour is so unique though, isn't it? I think it's making me wistful for more...

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            I hear ya! Not exactly a bordeaux, but worth a try. Check out:


            They also have blueberry wine if you and your old roomate want a reunion!

        2. I was going to say Scandinavia (which woiuldn't have helped you much) I've always thought of them as a particularly Swedish (or Norwegian) thing and that's the only place I've ever eaten them fresh (with whipped cream) but I found this article which suggests they grown in many more places too http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloudberry

          Good luck finding some - Pete

          1. I had some in Finland...they are *extremely* fragile. Let us know if you find some....

            1. I know that they grow wild in the tundra in Alaska-- maybe you can find a farmer/forager that can get some for you?

              1. Hey Bob, regarding the jam, it is available in Boston at Deluca's in Beacon Hill on Charles (or at least it was when I lived there, roughly 2 yrs ago). No need to mail order.

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                  The food departments at IKEA also usually stock it.

                2. The public market, held daily in good weather, at Helsinki's waterfront, had tables piled high with bright red cloudberries. You just crossed the street to the docks to pick up fresh fish.