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goat meat anywhere to be found?

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We're just back from a cooking adventure in Zakynthos. Greece. We fell in love with stewed goat, the adult, not the kid, which we found too boney and less flavorsome. We're in Berkeley, but are willing to go to great lengths. The butcher at Piedmont Market (who used to raise goats) thought there may be a Mexican butcher in Concord. Can you help? Many thanks...

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  1. Besides Mexican butchers (carnicerias), fresh goat can also be found at halal meat markets. There should be some near you in Berkeley, Fremont, etc.

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      I am pretty certain there is a halal market/butcher near the afore mentioned Mexican grocery, on San Pablo the other side of University. If you head down University, it's north on San Pablo, left side, about 2-4 blocks. You can try googling halal and Berkeley or CA.

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        Robert Lauriston

        That's Indus Foods.

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          I just want to second Indus. I've bought goat there.

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            yea indus is great! goat meat is good there, so is all the other meat as well.

    2. Just remembered that the Mexican market on San Pablo off University over by Priya (the Indian restaurant) has a good size meat counter. Don't recall the exact name, maybe Mi Rancho? Might be worth a call.

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        There are two Mexican markets on that block, Mi Rancho and Mi Tierra. Mi Tierra definitely has a meat counter; I have not wandered around Mi Rancho at all and can't say what they have there.

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        Robert Lauriston

        No need to leave Berkeley. I buy goat from my favorite halal butcher, Indus Foods on San Pablo a block and a half north of University. Try the lamb, too, great value.

        Good prices on all sorts of other eats from Muslim countries: olive oil, pomegranate molasses, lebne, ajvar, Turkish pepper paste, etc. etc.

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          Is Indus Foods different from Halal Food Market?

          (As posted in General Topics)
          A lady at my bank told me that the Pakistani restaurant Kabana offers good goat curry as weekend specials. Also, you can buy goat meat at Halal Food Market (San Pablo & University), freshly delivered on Wednesdays. (Possibly some other day too, but she wasn't sure about that.)

          Halal Food Market
          1964 San Pablo Ave
          Berkeley, CA 94702
          (510) 845-2000

          A review of Kabana from a while ago: (it mentions goat curry)

        2. you might also try ranch 99 in Albany. I saw some goat meat there today. It's been frozen and then cut into big joints.

          1. Marin Farms has been selling goat meat at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market the last few weekends.

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              "Marin Farms has been selling goat meat at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market the last few weekends."
              Do you know if it's fresh or frozen?

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                I don't know, but would assume it is fresh. I'll ask next weekend.

            2. Farther afield, there's a samoan bodega in Menlo Park on Willow near the Mi Rancho mexican market with a small sign in the window saying they can get fresh, whole goat on a few day's notice.

              Could be an adventure.

              Asian-pacific market
              850 Willow Rd, Menlo Park

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                There are a bunch of halal butchers / grocery stores around San Jose, some of which probably stock it regularly.


              2. Here are some of the places I have personally bought goat meat from:

                * Chavez Supermarket, in Sunnyvale
                Of all the places I have bought goat meat from, this has been by far the best.

                * Bangla Bazar, Sunnyvale
                Quality -- not bad.

                * Rose Internal Market, Mountain View
                The goat meat over here used to be really good quality until about 2-3 years back, when it went downhill. I havent bought goat from them in a while, so dont know if they have improved or not.

                * Fresh Meat Seafood Market, 2704 Mission St, (at 23rd St), San francisco
                Quality -- Not bad

                * Belmar-La Gallinita Meat Market, 2889 24th St (at Harrison), San Francisco
                Quality -- not bad.

                All of these places sell frozen meat. I am yet to find a local places selling fresh goat meat.

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                1. re: bong

                  I get fresh goat at Indus Foods in Berkeley.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    Thanks Robert, will give Indus Foods a try...

                2. Dougs BBQ in Emeryville has goat on the menu.

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                  1. re: Mission

                    No kidding (heh). Have you tried it? It might move Doug's up on my 'to try' list.

                    Even a 2004 topic has value.

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                      I wanted to try the goat, but they were out, which I hear is often the case.

                  2. Go to the Housewives Market in Old Oakland- one of the butchers there has it.