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Aug 28, 2006 01:29 AM

Is this location Amato Pizza or Madanto Pizza?

is it an Amato Pizza on yonge just north of eglinton or Madanto? some website list it as an amato, some madanto both have the same telephone number. why the name difference but more importantly is the pizza any good :)

check out the links below and you'll see what i mean

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  1. The place used to be an Amato franchise, but recently splintered off and renamed themselves Madanto. Though I'm not certain, I believe the reason for this switch was due to Amato's horrible antics around not paying their employees (see this link for more info on that if you wish:

    Anyway, the pizza is basically identical from what I can see. I'm a pizza freak, and I rate Madanto's a 7/10. At Yonge/Eg, it's hard to find much takeout pizza that's better unfortunately. The Madanto owner Scott is very nice and has accomodated my picky pizza requests many times. I would recommend it if you are just in need of quick takeout pizza in that area.

    1. If you want some really good pizza, walk a little north to a place called Classico Pizzeria. It is delicious.

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        Is Classico Pizzeria the little hole in the wall about 5 minutes north of Yonge/Eglington? They make fantastic pizza, better than Amato for sure.

      2. Yes, that's Classico. But I think the walk is more like 8-10 minutes north of the intersection.

        It is better pizza than Madanto and Michelle is correct to point it out. I avoided mentioning it initially because it's a bit pricey. The slices are about the same price as Madanto, but they are half the size. Still the taste is good - as long as you like the style of pizza that has cornmeal on the bottom of the crust. This is the signature of Louie's Classico. I really like their pizza, but I think their prices and at at times, their attitude, could be better.

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          Yup, a great hole in the wall. Sweetspotlee - I am surprised that you got some attitude when you were there. I haven't had any yet...yikes!

        2. This was an Amato location that went renegade. I live in the area, and used to order from this place quite often. I had heard that they went solo because of the Franchisor's shady business practices, but that's usually franchisee speak for "I can do it better and cheaper myself." The last few times I ordered, I was left very disappointed, as the quality had clearly gone downhill. Its only then that I decided to look at the bill, and found that it no longer said "Amato", but "Madanto" at the top. I couldn't really tell, because the store, including the sign, still looks exactly like an Amato. If this Franchisee is so disenchanted with Amato's corporate office, why try to fool the public into thinking its still an Amato? Clearly, he/she can't do it on their own and are attempting to piggyback off Amato's brand. Wish they hadn't touched the quality, it really did change for the worse. I haven't ordered from them in months, it just left a bad taste.