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Aug 28, 2006 01:22 AM

Sault Ste. Marie and North Bay- need suggestions

Looking for a nice breakfast in North Bay and suggestions for dinner lunch and breakfast in Sault Ste. Marie. Open to all suggestions. Also any suggestions for chocolates? gourmet foods? pastries? coffee places? If you had a day or two where would you go????

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  1. As for North Bay you should defiantly check out Twiggs for coffee. here is a map, its on the corner of Worthington and Fraser.

    I’m not so sure about breakfast but I ate at Colonel Hoagies with my uncle once and it was pretty good. Oh, you could also get breakfast at Twiggs, but Colonel Hoagies would have a much bigger selection. You can find Colonel Hoagies at 1128 O'Brien Street.

    hope that helps.

    1. I'm bumping this post up because I'll be in Sault Ste. Marie ON on business next week.

      Any suggestions? I'd love to have a nice dinner and a decent lunch, somewhere near the courthouse for the latter if possible.

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        A decent lunch should be fairly easy, a nice diner is a little tougher to come by.
        For diner my top picks are:
        1) A Thymely Manner - need to book in advance as they are generally full? Last trip we did not and hence got shut out. Ended up at
        2) Arturo Ristorante Italiano - upscale, good wine list, great food.
        3) Go Hungry
        For not so quite nice a diner or for a good lunch you can try:
        a) Giovannis: it's a family style with decent food
        b) North 82 Steak & Beverage Co (the name says it all!)
        One item to be aware of is the "hours of operation". We were there over the labour day holiday and most/many/all of the restaurants were closed since it was a statutory holiday. Oops! You should also look closely for monday / tuesday closings as well. But don't worry - if you get really hungry, the East End Husky is generally open 24 hours a day.

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          To clarify - the above post was about Sault Ste Marie.

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            Many thanks, dancingTimmy. I am worried about that third option for dinner!

          2. re: dancingTimmy

            I was in Sault Ste Marie for work this week. Tried:
            - Giovanni's: decent, but nothing special. good for the price. didn't like the ravioli too much.
            - Panna's: a trendier spot for the Soo. opinions on the food are mixed. had a great steak tenderloin, but wife's whitefish kimchee style wasn't that great. had to send it back because it was really overcooked the first time - i think this may have been the second time in my life that i have send something back, but i have become a bit pickier with my food over the years as well.
            - A Thymely Manner: this place is really really good. i haven't eaten at any Michelin star restaurants, but i'm pretty well traveled and have eaten at many places. we had a "nutty duck" starter - amazing. baked brie: really good. veal dish and a bouillabaisse-dish: both very tasty. service was great too. it is really good, hearty food that has a home-cooked quality to it. we couldn't finish either of our mains, and they made for a great lunch the next day. This is one restaurant that i wish we had in toronto.

            the people here are really friendly and there are lots of hiking trails around to walk off all the calories. overall, it was a pretty good trip - especially since it was for work.

            1. re: dancingTimmy

              bumping this up. are these still the go-to restaurants in the Soo? any good lunch spot around the Roberta Bondar Place that the locals or recent travelers would recommend? I remember liking A Thymely Manner a lot but it's more of a dinner spot.

            2. re: Gourmando

              Just a stone's throw from the courthouse is A Taste of Scandia - lovely bakery (breads, cakes, cookies and pastries - lots of Finnish specialties) which also serves simple homemade soup/sandwich on homebaked bread special daily. Also does an awesome breakfast sandwich (served all-day).
              On the first Saturday of every month, drop in for the breakfast special - finnish pancakes (crepes), scrambled eggs, sausage and tea/coffee for $7 - it's excellent!
              Look for special theme dinner evenings when she mixes things up - could be Austrian night; could be Russian & Polish night; then there's Scandinavian Easter, too - make your reservations for these.
              This cozy place has no pretentions!
              Open Tuesday - Friday 8:00 to 4:00
              and Saturday 9:00 - 4:00