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Aug 28, 2006 12:55 AM

East Ocean Palace Forest Hills

Real chinese food finally makes it to Forest Hills. Its about time this place is incredibly fresh with excellent service. This place replaces another chinese place (forgot the name) its right next to sam ash on queens blvd and 76th. Great shrimp dumplings and jumbo shrimp in black bean sauce. The place looks great too.
Has anyone else tried it? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I have been here twice, once for lunch with good lunch specials , once for dinner wth 6 other persons. Everyone thought the food was great. A lot of Asian people eating here which is a good sign of good food. One person ordered the prawns with walnuts-8-10 huge shrimp with a great sauce which everyone raved over. They have dim sum for lunch and as appetizers, but they are expensive-$4-$5 a plate when average price is $2-$3, but they were good. Lunch specials average $5-$6 including soup and choice of rice and entree. Portions for lunch are big, almost like a regular entree size and I wound up taking food home. Unlike the previous owners, service is pretty good and everyone seems nice. Manager comes over to check if everything is ok. I hated the rude and surly service from the previous restaurant and stopped going even though the food was pretty good. This place will get crowded fast once the word gets out.

    1. kid_aa, you read my mind. on my way home from the great Hot Bialys (just a few blocks up), i noticed the new look of the place, how crowded it was, how good the dim sum looked through the window, the new name. i had to pinch myself. good dim sum in my own hood? as fate would have it, i had a bag full of hot bialys. next time.

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          Unless there are two Chinese restaurants next to each other it would have been Golden Pond.

        2. DO you think they would deliver to 67th ave and 102-yellowstone???

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            I have no idea if they even deliver. Call them up.

          2. I've been for dinner and dim sum...and I agree that the shrimp in black bean sauce is fantastic. In the times I've been (which are just a few), the service has been a little uneven but the food is great so it's not that big of a deal. The pan fried noodles with shredded pork are also terrific.