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Aug 28, 2006 12:48 AM

Special Dinner in Seattle

My girlfriend and I are traveling to Seattle for the first time at the beginning of September, and we have a Saturday night where we will have our "fancy" dinner of the trip. The menus of Cascadia and Dahlia's both looked great, but reviews of both that I found online were inconsistent. Any input about those two or suggestions for any others that are comparable in price would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Walt, Between the two, I would suggest The Dahlia. The "inconsistent" reviews of The Dahlia are related to locals that have real issues when a restaurant achieves a certain level of success.

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      as one of the "inconsistent locals" who has travelled widely (so many seattle people have not) and with 20 years in the hospitality field, i can tell you that you run a good chance at any of tom douglas's empire of getting lucky and being served an excellent meal - BUT the other side of that equation is the very real chance of being served something less than wonderful and paying full price for it. better you should have your 'fancy' dinner at union (where i have never been disappointed) or at le gourmand in ballard, a true hidden gem.

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        I suppose I am also one of the "inconsistent" reviewers of Dahlia as well. My boyfriend and I went there for dinner and I had to send the sea bar sampler back as I couldn't quite stomach the octapus and there was another sample I didn't really care for (Its been over a year so I can't remember the details). I also had the Tuscan grilled bread salad. It was way over salted and that point though, I didn't feel like sending another item back. But on a positive note, they have great espresso and I love their donuts. I have no problem with restaurants achieving a certain level of fact, I always hope that a great restaurant succeeds because then I know where to go for a great meal. I have never been disappointed with Mistral!

      2. Please don't go to Cascadia. Where are you traveling from?

        1. Rover's is the best dining in Seattle!

          1. I think The Dahlia provides an excellent dining experience. (And women find it very romantic.) Is it as good as Rover's or Le Gourmand? No, but they both are significantly more expensive. (Although they well may be the two best restaurants in Seattle.)

            1. If I could go anywhere in Seattle for a special dinner, I would recommend Canlis ( - The food is excellent, the service impeccable. My now husband and I had our respective families meet there for the first time (dinner for 10) on a Saturday evening. The evening was absolutely magical.

              Perhaps the only drawback is that they are not located in downtown proper so not sure where you are staying but it's a little ways to drive.

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                Yes. If you are 90 years old then Canlis is a fine choice. Don't forget your jacket. If you want a great meal then go to Mistral. It is expensive but small and intimate. My favorite restaurant in Seattle though is lampreia. Great food but not the most romantic imo. I usually go there for business.