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Richmond Rogue?

I know its just a little sports pub, but is the food any good? Im not expecting gourmet haha.. its cheap, is it worth trying out for a quick bite and beer? Whats good and whats not..?

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  1. I've been there a couple of times, and the food is pretty decent pub fare. They seem to have a penchant for 'buffalo chicken', so it's a theme that you'll find in several places on their menu. That being said, they have a great deal of variety also. I'd go back for a beer and a bite, so it's a thumbs-up from me.


    1. We live across the street the street from the Rogue and go often. You're right - it's not gourmet but it is really decent food. The Thursday night beef ribs ($1.50 each) are fantastic and the burgers are great. The service can be a bit hit or miss, depending on who's on that night - I've had a couple of orders messed up in the past.

      It's a great local pub - with even bags of chips!!!

      1. We used to live almost across the street. It's a great local pub! Decent beer selection on tap (including Hoegaarden sometimes, Guinness, etc.). Food is better-than-average pub fare, although don't expect anything fancy. Good fish and chips, good nachos, good wings.

        Check out the specials on the website that xtal posted above -- they're usually really good deals.

        If you want something really yummy/nasty, try the Rogue burger... 1/2lb. burger with cheese, bacon, and a fried egg. It seemed like such a good idea at the time...

        One warning, this place does get crowded with local business types for after-work functions, so it can get loud between 5-8pm on some nights.

        1. Kind of bad food, grease galore, beer was good but you can get beer any where. The blond server was rude (but we all have bad days). I know of 87568204 better pubs in Toronto, Specifically on Queen West.

          1. Nice staff, average pub grub, good crowd. But I will never return because the place is filthy beyond belief. Too bad.

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              Mila, did you go recently, or was this before the reno?

              I walked by a few weeks ago and they were "closed for a restaurant makeover" but I'm not sure if it was the TV show kind, or just a regular reno. Now they're re-opened, and I thought it might be a good time to finally get around to trying it.

              I don't mind hole-in-the-wall pubs with a bit of dank and character, but I also draw the line at filthy... that doesn't bode well for the food OR the beer! Maybe the reno has cleaned things up a bit....

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                No, it was a few months ago. I'll definitely check it out again because I liked the staff and the locals, making for a nice local pub.

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                  I didnt find it filthy, yes it was pretty dark in there, but the burger was really good and cheap so I say its worth a try, especially after the makeover

              2. I go all the time because it is two blocks away from my house. The Restaurant Makeover was very underwhelming - they improved the lighting, took away the bar knick knacks (christmas lighting, videogames, random beer signs) and added a couple of club chairs. They left the space a strange flat grey colour that looks like it was primed and abandoned. In my experience, the food is at best low end pub grub. If you are in the hood and want to grab a pint it is a reasonable choice, but I certainly wouldn't make it a destination.

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                  I liked the makeover. It's much cleaner and classic pub than the old place. I understand from talking to the staff that they're still working on putting touches on it - pictures, lights, etc. The food is better than most. Compared to what's in the area I think it's the best.