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Aug 28, 2006 12:05 AM

where to buy green coffee beans in LA?

i just recently moved to la from sf and am missing the convenience of having sweet maria's right across the bay. i purchased some green beans from groundwork on rose ave in venice, but was disappointed in the quality. is there a sweet maria's type distributor in the la area? any other recommendations for green bean sellers? thanks!

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  1. You can try Carl Diedrich's, I think they used to sell green beans.

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    1. re: calpurnia

      You can call Martin instead at Kean coffee company in Tustin. He just returned from a trip where he scored some Yemen Haraz, It is Very limited though!

      Newport Beach Coffeehouse
      2043 Westcliff Drive, Suite 100
      Newport Beach, CA 92660
      (949) 642-5326

      Tustin Coffeehouse
      13681 Newport Avenue, Suite 14
      Tustin, CA 92780
      (714) 838-5326

    2. I get mine from City Bean's roastery in Culver City. 888-CITYBEAN.

      1. You might be able to buy them at the Conservatory for Tea and Coffee, in Culver City (near Sony Studios.) I'd call first.

        1. i did some calling and here's what i found: diedrich's in santa monica only sells roasted beans. conservatory for coffee and tea confirmed that i could buy green beans from them for $6/lb. city bean is checking and will get back to me. thanks again for all of your help!

          1. another update: sol from city bean called me back and was quite helpful. he carries a wide variety of green beans and pickup is available monday-thursday at 5801 washington blvd (call first).