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Aug 28, 2006 12:02 AM

Good Potato Salad

I love the potato salad at Langer's and would appreciate some recs for other places that serve good potato salad anywhere in LA or Orange Counties. Thanks in Advance!

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  1. I like the tubs that Bristol Farms puts out. Rather addictive ...

    1. I always liked the one at Roll N' Rye in Culver City, lots of chopped egg, if that's your thing.

      10990 Jefferson Blvd
      Culver City, CA 90230-4931
      (310) 390-3497

      1. Trader Joe has a great potatoe salad. It tastes xactly like Gelsons (in the tub) and is half the cost!!

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          I love TJ's potato salad because it's almost exactly like mine, except that I use more onion, some HB egg and more mayo. So if I gotta jones for potato salad and not enough time to make it, I just get the TJ's and bump it!

          If you want it in a restaurant, a very similar one is offered at Pie'n'Burger in Pasadena. It comes free with most of the sandwiches, costs extra with a burger, but I think it's an excellent alternative to their quite ordinary french fries. Had that for lunch the other day and I'm still happy.

        2. D'accord. Deja vu all over again for someone weaned on the NYC deli product. Now if they only had cole slaw to match.. ...
          BTW, TJ's corn rye ain't half bad either, even if not quite the NYC deli fresh baked product. But 100x better than the Grossinger's product that was quite the rage when it hit the supers on the East Coast in the 60's. Yup, we've all come a long way baby.
          On the subject of TJ's, some hounds rave about their hummus & eggplant spreads. But the closest ones to the genuine NY product are the Sabra products (and Sadaf too) in Wholesome Foods in Irvine. NY style may not be better but it is different, and for some indeed nostalgic. Like the guy in another post today that lamented Langer's pastrami not holding a candle to Katz's. Boo hoo, different strokes, no more no less.

          1. Kitchen for Exploring Foods in Pasadena/Eagle Rock has a wonderful potato salad.