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Aug 27, 2006 11:56 PM

Good poutine downtown Toronto??

Is there such thing as good poutine in downtown toronto? Everyone keeps telling me to try the chip trucks infront of city hall, now i've had poutine at all of them and am still unimpressed. I'm looking for real poutine, with cheese curd and fresh cut fries with gravy that is not flavored like chicken...

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  1. Oh gross, no kidding, the trucks suck.

    Believe it or not, KFC still has the best poutine IMO.

    I've tried some from various restaurants & b/c they use beef gravy, it pales compared to KFC's, but you have to make sure they make it really hot, otherwise the curds don't melt.

    There's also that restaurant (if you really need it, I'll pull it for you) that has upscale poutine. It's expensive, but sounds interesting.

    Let me know what you think : )


    1. i haven't had it for awhile, but i remember lick's poutine being pretty decent?

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        Meh. Their fries are frozen and they don't use cheese curds.

      2. People always rave about the poutine from the Rebel House at 1068 Yonge street, near Rosedale.

        As for fast food poutine, I've tried the KFC and Harvey's versions with disappointment, and determined that the New York Fries version is the best of the bunch. The fries are good, with the skin on, they use curds not that lame orange sauce, and the gravy isn't too salty.

        1. Only go to the Bluye Truck at city hall - it's true that the rest of the trucks there suck but this one is the only one that seems to pull it off!

          The other 'restaurant' that pulls it off that Michelle was referring to is JKWB, 9 Church Street. Changes most days - we had the pulled pork poutine last week. Great.

          1. Not sure if it is still there but The Strand had a killer poutine. YUM! Does anyone know if it is still there?