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Madelines Cherry pie in the sky review

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So after my excellent dinner at johny banana I heard a little further north to bathurst and dupont for some pie.. uh, not worth the 4 min drive.
I had some peach pie with mocha ice cream on top- it was good pie, Ive never had pie I didnt enjoy, but it wasnt anything I couldnt easily duplicate with some amature recipe.
After making my dad an americano, the lady who was serving us forgot about it sitting there (Getting cold) and cut our pie, put the ice cream on top, and then realized she had no more whipped cream. So she said she'd make some more... 15 min later (i am not lying, she was going SO slow, walking aimlessly around trying to find the bit on the whipped cream bottle that whips the cream) she finally put a couple drops of whip cream on my melting ice cream and pie. After about 10 minutes of waiting, watching our ice cream melt and my fathers coffee get cold, I told her that if it wasnt working not to worry about it, and she snapped back at me "well, I'm making the whip cream, if you want to just wait for it"..
Its one thing if you are trying to be efficient and quick and its just not working out for you, but its quite another when you are walking like a snail as customers just wait.
Its really too bad that the service was so bad and the pie was so mediocre.. because it is such a cutesy little shop.. but take my advice, STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE, STAY FAR FAR AWAY.

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  1. Thank you for a good laugh and fair warning! I had finally spotted the place yesterday on my way down Bathurst and was dying to try it later, but I'll make sure I don't go out of my way now! Have you found a bakery that is actually to-die-for amazing?

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      No , not amazing. However, I live on the Danforth, and when Im feeling like a pastry in a 'cute' nostalgic atmosphere, I usually just go to 'Sweet Tooth'. Its pretty good, and just walking in and seeing all the goodies makes you feel like a little kid again.