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Aug 27, 2006 10:30 PM

Group of 30 on King West?

Any good restaurants that can accomodate this size of group? The only one that comes to mind in the area is Leoni's, though I'd like something a little, um, tastier. And better lookin'.

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  1. Brassaii can definitely accommodate 30...Sen5es which is on Wellington can probably fit 30 as well.


    1. Leoni's is gone. Folded last year when Second City moved out. The door still remains though. Looks kinda odd, something Narnia-like!

      Brassaii can definitely hold 30. Nice space. Decent food. Great service.

      Across the street is Brant House. They can do tasting menus for groups (there was 20 in our group so each group of 4 had a communial platter to share) or you can order a la carte. It turns into a bar/dance club afterwards.

      Here's my review of our dinner back then (169 days ago so that would make it in April!):

      1. you didn't give much in the way of price range that you are looking for, so i hope this helps. first thing that came to mind in Crush Wine Bar, they have private rooms that are quite beautiful.
        here is a link.

        1. Last night we when to Armadillo Grill on Front St they have Party room in the Back that hold 30 or more people the food was good are group was 25 has a great time