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Best Place to buy seafood to cook at home

Looking for the best place to puchase fresh seafood to cook at home in the Lincoln Park/Lakeview area. Moved here from Boston and have had some difficulty finding good fresh seafood.

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  1. Isaacson, Stein & Sons on Fulton at Halsted St. is my favorite for selection and price. Also, Costco occasionally has fresh ahi tuna that is superb, as well as some great fresh halibut.

    1. Dirk's on Clyborn (in the Pier 1 shopping center on the W side of the street)

      2070 N Clybourn


      1. I am also a big fan of Dirk's on Clybourn! Great variety of fresh oysters!

        1. I'm a third vote for Dirk's. I've had great tuna, salmon, and scallops from there. The guys know their fish and are very helpful.

          1. Second Issacson's and also toss in Supreme Lobster if you want to drive out of the area

            1. Been going to Isaacson's my entire life. Dad and I recently made a killer bouillabie (sp?) with seafood from Isaacson's. I must say, it was better than the one from Spring or Rioja. Isaacsons is the best in the city for fresh seafood.

              1. Isaacson's is by far the BEST. They have the best fish at the best prices. On Saturdays go early because they get picked-over pretty quickly (I would also recommend leaving the open toe shoes at home.) This is a no-frills location located in the cold storage warehouse district (Halted & Fulton Mkt). I've been told that Isaacson's supplies most of the seafood restaurants in Chicago.

                Dirk's is good but pricey. Supreme Lobster (located in Lombard) is also very good and a little cheaper than Dirk's. But, neither of these two seafood supply houses compare to Isaacson's prices.

                1. As an alternative, if you don't want to cook at home, you can get nice seafood to go from Joes and Bob Chinns..... nice crab, shrimp platters, etc.....

                  1. If you have a car and are willing to drive, head up to Skokie/Niles area to the Fresh Farms market on Touhy. It's just west of 94 on the north side of the road in the same lot as Walmart, Kids R Us. They have everything from Conch, oysters, whole shrimp, octopus, shark, northern Pike, snapper, and the list goes on............. It's one of the best selections I've seen in Chicago.

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                        Yes, I have to second this place--admittedly on a limited basis. I went there first time last week, was simply overwhelmed by the selection. I have no basis for judging quality, since I didn't buy anything. But the selection is enormous. I haven't seen barracuda since the Caribbean. Based on other items I've purchased there, I'm inclined to say "Give it a try". In any case, i've never seen--at Isaacsons, Burhops, whatever--anything even remotely approaching the selection at this place, and given the heavy business in the seafood section, it's at least clear that a lot of people like this place.

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                          Is that just for seafood or is it a full service grocery store. I believe it is where there used to be an Asian market, right?

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                            It's a multi-ethnic store, and unfortunately I can't speak to the quality of the various national/regional products. (Indian/Pakistani, Hispanic, Greek, Italian, German, Eastern European) I have to say the place is overwhelming the first time you go there, because it's the United Nations in a Big Box. I take all the package/frozen stuff with a grain of salt, but one thing that lingers in memory is some skate wing I saw in the seafood section--it was the most incredibly fresh-looking seafood I've ever seen. The meat and seafood departments are so huge that you really need to go there with a specific focus. Otherwise, "browsing" will leave you bonkers.

                        2. Isaacsons's certainly has great prices and selection. Other two places not mentioned are Whole Foods and The Fish Guy on Elston and Montrose.

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                            I second the rec for Fish Guy on Elston. Selection is not huge, but quality is superb.

                          2. The new French Market in Ogilvie also has pretty good seafood.

                            French Market Cafe
                            1973 W 111th St, Chicago, IL 60643

                            1. Nice to see someone else from Boston here in Chicago! If you're looking for some seafood(its even run by Sox fans!), then I suggest you try the New England Seafood Company Fish Market over on:

                              3341 N Lincoln Ave
                              (between Marshfield Ave & Roscoe St)
                              Chicago, IL 60657

                              I usually don't say this about food, but the chowda is wicked pissah!