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Aug 27, 2006 10:16 PM

eat.on sunset was great eats!

i went to eat.on sunset for a pre-Hollywood Bowl show meal, and had a great time. showed up at 6:45pm and was relatively quiet, although the reservation person had said there was a lot of people there when called an hour ahead.

my group had drinks to start, with lychee martini for me (a bit on the strong side with not so much sweetness), and a mango and a cuban martini for others. No real complaints there.

had half dozen oysters for appetizer, and it was very fresh and tasty, although the red wine vinegar can be overbearing if you add more than a teensy splash.

i had the surf and turf, which was a braised pork belly and diver scallops. the pork was very tender and juicy and flavorful, and the scallops were perfectly seared.

friends had their halibut and steaks, and they all agreed that the food was fantastic. i would say it is close to patina level, which was a nice surprise, as i had thought it was going to be a second tier joint compared to the flagship restaurant.

all in all, it was a good pre-show dinner, and we agreed that we will return for future Bowl visits.

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  1. Wondering what your bill was...

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    1. re: NAspy

      $200 even, for 4 drinks, 1 appetizer, and 4 entrees. including tax and tip.

    2. glad you had a good meal there. i've been there a few times since it's really close to my house. i don't think the place is spectacular but then again nothing horrible. i just wonder why it's always so quiet there.

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      1. re: trolley

        Have you been for lunch? Whenever I've been there mid-day it is packed with studio suits. I think that while it may not always be spectacular, the food tastes of good quality.

      2. I was there for pre-theater dining, and was disappointed. I had the surf and turf ... the pork belly was nothing to write home about ... bland. Same could be said of the scallops. The corn dog style sausage was cute to see, but nothing in the flavor department. The dessert, however, was glorious. I had their bread pudding with macadamia nuts ... now that was memorable!

        1. I've eaten dinner at Eat twice and both times the food was surprisingly good, if not great. The place has a nice sort of neighborhood vibe, too, altho it wasn't particularly busy when I was there. I think this is by far the most interesting of the Patina Group's restaurants and hope it lasts.

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