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Riedel at Target

Riedel is now making a line sold at Target for $10.00 per stem. Look great for the money. Anyone bought any yet, and any thoughts on them if you have?

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  1. We did! My hubby and I have been spending a lot of time (and money) at Target since we just bought a house about 8 weeks ago. We were surprised to see a whole line of Riedel glasses... We bought a 4-pack of pinot noir glasses to test, we did not like the small standard red wine glasses they offered... we like to drink out of the larger, bulbous (sp?) glasses for all reds... So far, we are very happy... for handling and drinking and all that goes along with that in regard to wine.

    I am going back to complete that set and try another set, perhaps champagne, perhaps white. I will let you know about those when I get to it...

    The decanter looked nice as well as some other pieces but we did not spend too much time analyzing it all...we had lots to buy that day... I will look more carefully next time at the offerings and report back...

    1. I bought the decanter and I love it and I want to go get the champagne glasses but have no money. I have some other Riedel glasses and the decanter does not seem to be of a lesser quality because it is from Target.

      1. There is mention of Riedel glasses at Target throughout this previous thread. One of the last postings gave it a thumbs down. Haven't personally used them.


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          The post you are referring to was discussing that the poster could tell they were machine made, being able to tell how the drinking glasses were attached to the stem. I have not had a problem with that... I did not even "look" until I read that post.

          As I mentioned in my post, we are happy with them. They "drink" well. They may not be the top of their line, but they are very acceptable.

          Just my opinion :-)

        2. Do you know if these are the "Overture" Riedels? While most of mine are in the Vinum line, with a handful of Sommelier series, I've got a couple dozen of the Overture tasting/water glasses, that are very nice and get pressed into service for larger tasting parties. IIRC, I paid more than US$10/4 pack, so the price seems like a good one.

          Some years back, COSTCO had sets of the Vinium, as well as some of the Overture line, but the prices were only about average at the time.


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            They're called Vivant:

            This line is not on the Riedel website, which I found very curious.

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              Thanks for the clarification and link. I wonder if it is a re-branded line, or if it is a new one, perhaps being sold through specific retailers.

              Since they acquired Spigleau a few years back, I can only guess that there will be other lines available. That sort of thing can get very, very confusing.


          2. I picked up a dozen of the 16oz (?) for $49 CN in Victoria this summer for my BIL. They're not the crystal of course, believe they called them "restaurant grade" and said they were dishwasher safe.

            1. my standard gift for all occasions, stemless Riedel. Amazon with free shipping!!!! you can't beat the no fuss. If you do buy Riedel with stems, you have to baby them, they break so easily, you have to hand wash each one by itself and make sure it doesn't touch any other object, we have broken a dozen. maybe more, but I try not to think about it.

              above kate.s mentioned the champagne flutes, somehow we have managed not to break those in 6 years. love them!!!!

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                champagne flutes seem not to be as fragile. I have broken many many riedel bordeaux & pinot glasses. i just can't stop re-buying them (from amazon) since they are so fun to drink from. stemless is a good thought. most of their glasses are so big - do they feel comfortable stemless?

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                  I've got several of the "O" Riedels, and have never really like them. They do not seem to handle as easily (for me) in the cleaning process, and when in use, the wine seems to warm a bit too quickly due to contact with my hands. I have not extended the sets that I have received as gifts, but that is just me.

                  I'd mention that only one Riedel has gotten broken over the years, but I do not want to jinx myself, so I will not.


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                    you must be meticulous with your glasses. I find that if my guests even stare at my riedel stems to long they may break. I've had many of friends walk around with unintentional "stemless" glasses b/c they do not want to waste the wine still intact. there really isn't a comparison for the price in my opinion so I still keep restocking! may make them stitting at a table only glasses soon though.

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                      I think that it has been more "luck," than anything, though I do handwash all of them.

                      Over the last 20 years, we've only lost 2 Port stems (unfortunately a long discontinued line, that I cannot find at Replacements, etc. or even on eBay), the one Riedel Vinum Bdx stem, and four "every day" large white stems. Three of those happened by the same visiting family member over a four day period - just tragic, but I'm glad that I hid the "good stuff" from her, and will do the same on each ensuing visit.

                      Like I said, I know that I have now jinxed myself to no end, and hope that the glassware can somehow survive my opening of my mouth!


                2. We have the riedel champagne glasses from target and they are more fragile than the other vinum glasses i have purchased from williams-sonoma as we've already broken one. However, given the price, it's a bit easier to stomach.

                  1. what ever you are doing keep doing it!

                    1. People have such different tastes in wine glasses as well as different budgets. Many people are enjoying the new stemless O glasses by Riedel, but others like the traditional feel of a stem. The stemless glasses are easy to load in a dishwasher and the stems don't break...but you can't store them in a rack either.

                      I think everyone can find some great glasses they like made by either Riedel or Spiegelau if they are interested in investing in some quality stemware.