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Aug 27, 2006 09:02 PM

HELP ASAP - Need Breakfast/Lunch Spot Near Newark Airport???

My nieces have @3.5 hours between flights TOMORROW (Monday) to eat before they head back to Tel Aviv.

I'll have a car but am not that familiar with the area. Can anyone suggest somewhere to go?

Alternatively, is there somewhere/some food I can pick up before I pick them up at the Continenetal Domestic terminal at 10 AM?


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      Looking at that site makes it appear that Elmora Ave. in Elizabeth is chock full of Kosher restaurants.

      1. re: jeterfan

        That link no longer works.

        On behalf of the JEC (of Elizabeth) Elmora Shul and the surrounding area (as well as any visitors), I'm maintaining a list of local eateries -- see our Food page, . Thanks.

      2. For a cultural experience, you can take them to the IDT building in Newark on Rt. 21. You have to sign in at the desk as going to the cafeteria. The food is decent -- hot chicken and beef dishes, deli, grill, and sushi --and its interesting to go to a company that has a kosher cafeteria. They also have pizza in the coffee shop, but there is no where to sit and eat except outside.

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          Thanks all!

          We ended up on Elmora Ave and had a mushroom pizza at the Jerusalem Cafe.

          My nieces were pleasantlty surprised at the number of choices in a the few block radius. Afterwards, we stopped at the Kosher Dunkin' Donuts and they got some to go.

          Just curious, I've been to quite a few kosher pizza places, mostly in NYC and have yet to see any offer fresh mushrooms. Every place seems to use canned mushrooms, even those shops that sell primarly pizza.

          Have I just hit the wrong spots? I just am surprised 'cause not even the worst NYC (non kosher) pizza places still use canned mushrooms.

        2. I think the pizza store in Elizabeth is the best kosher pizza period.

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          1. re: tomby

            I've heard consistently good things about the Chinese place in E'beth.

            1. re: DeisCane

              i think the chinese is good, but other people think it is the best chinese in the world

            2. re: tomby

              i agree 100%, you are obviously from elizabeth though.