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Aug 27, 2006 08:56 PM

Rockland, ME breakfasts

Any recommendations for breakfasts in Rockland? We're going for a few days in Sept & have dinners all planned but not sure about breakfast places.


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  1. In Rockland try the Brown Bag for breakfast or the Atlantic Baking Co for "just pastries".

    Just south on Rte 1 in Thomaston is Thomaston Cafe, very good all day type place w/ full traditional breakfasts, specials, and good baked goods.

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    1. re: HDinCentralME

      OK, I'm going to be harsh, but the Thomaston Cafe is absolutely terrible. The food is poorly cooked and just looks and tastes lousy. Every summer some guest of mine who is visiting wants to go there since they are close by and every summer I slap myself on the head and say never again. Two weeks ago was my last visit there and we actually paid for our half eaten meal and left. I will never go there again until I hear they have a new slophandler, er... I mean cook.

      Stick to the diners and cafes in Rockland and Rockport.

    2. It would be a mistake to drive by Moody's in Waldoboro - shortly before Rockland/Rockport on Route 1 - at breakfast time and not stop in. Sometimes I fear that Moody's suffers unfairly from the hype and publicity it gets and people "hold it against them". Its still a great little restaurant and a must stop on any Downeast diner tour - especially at breakfast.

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        I think they do suffer greatly from all the hype. In season the food can be mediocre. It is much better when they are less busy off season.

      2. I'd drive up to Camden and have breakfast at Boynton's Cafe, which is on the left toward the end of the business district if you're headed north (toward the library). It's casual--you order at the back and they bring food to your table. But they do all the basics very well (eggs, pancakes, oatmeal, etc.) and there are usually a few out-of-the-ordinary offerings as well. It's in an old pharmacy and they've retained some of the original decor.