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Aug 27, 2006 07:44 PM

Paris Baguette on Western Avenue -- a delicious bakery!

Paris Baguette
125 North Western Avenue
Los Angeles

You know you have come to a wonderful bakery when you are greeted by a board at the entryway which lists, hour-by-hour from morning to night, what is due out of the oven!

In the past we have driven on by because we thought it was a Vietnamese banh mi sandwich place; it is not! It is a really good bakery! To date, we can vouch for the chocolate croissants and a rectangular apple pastry...everything very fresh!

It is definitely "on the way" to wherever I might go next, and maybe even on my return path also! Everyone was extremely friendly and it felt like a happy store! There were a lot of carry-out orders and it was quite crowded while we were there.

P.S. I might not be the most discriminating critic of bakeries, because part of the experience for me is visual -- I love to look at the gorgeous creations! As I have posted before, I am often contentedly satiated by just looking and not tasting. So, I am anxious to hear others' opinions on this store.

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  1. Yes, their chocolate croissants are delish! I've never been there but my mother-in-law brings me pastries from there about twice a month!

    1. I've had many things from this bakery, all have been delicious and quite fresh. Definitely make sure you check their board in front of the store, it tells you when each item will be baked (thus, the freshest!). My vote is the curry croquette, though these sell out in minutes! I've also had a lovely strawberry cake. Fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and a light and spongy cake.

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        Ooooh -- the strawberry cake sounds good! Will they sell it by the piece...or perhaps it's light enough that the entire cake IS one piece??!!

        I really do plan a return visit soon, and even sooner in light of your vote!

      2. Today we had a flat French twisted pastry (about 8" long) with chocolate pieces in it...WOW!

        This is my favorite bakery now in LA. The fragrance is heavenly, everything is amazingly fresh and pristine, the service is inviting, and the pastry is so fine!

        Paris Baguette
        125 North Western Avenue #101
        Los Angeles

        There is a pretty large parking lot on the side; if it is full, there is street parking available.

        1. A little embarrassed...maybe! I just visited Paris Baguette for my THIRD time -- no, not all in one day! And once again, this is truly a delicious bakery! My very favorite is their flat, rectangular twist that has chocolate pieces throughout. In addition, I tried a red bean pastry that was falling apart and still a little warm. It, too, was beyond my expectations.

          I was glad to see that they were very busy on a Saturday afternoon; many were enjoying their finds there, and others were carrying out large orders. I do so hope they flourish!

          Thank you to Slow Foodie who first posted on this find back in December of last year: "...Paris Baguette...may be my find of the year!" This is a wonderful place for an afternoon refreshment.

          1. Maaaan, I had missed this recommendation last week when I went to K-town to pop my Pinkberry cherry, but I remembered this post after I paid a visit for some Peruvian take out @ Pollo ala Brasa. Their croissants are fabulous----light, quality butter, mmmm, chocolate, oh so good. I like the fact you get to pack your own pastry box with the set of tongs, keeps the lines at the counter moving quickly. Each pastry is in their own case, which is nice to see the actual freshness of each treat. Next time I'm in the area I'm going to try their bread. Mmm carbs and sweets!