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Aug 27, 2006 07:07 PM

Good eats in Brevard County?

Our family will be travelling soon to Brevard County--any good recommendations for restaurants (any type) and good ethnic markets would be appreciated.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Thank you so much for the information; I will let you know what else I find. I did eat in Islamorada (Pinero's) recently and the food was great!. He is up in Suntree off Wickham, (I can't remember which shopping center, but I remeber there was a fitness center a few doors down-LOL after eating that meal, I probably needed a work-out!)


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        That's the one! We looked over there but were so hungry we might have went blind. My husband will be thrilled -- he loved it when it was called Islamorada and down on Lake Washington.

        Did he still have the lunch buffet? It sounds like a bad idea but my husband swore by it.

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          ok, so i have been to the best restaurant on the coast and it has a theme and everything, it is called Ashley's it is right on the railroad tracks on Us1 and it is fantastic, plus they say it is haunted and the ghosts come out at night, it has some of the best food, and it is very reasonable.

        2. While Bella's is good, we prefer Silvestro's in Cocoa Beach.

          And our favorite is Pineda Crossing at US1 & the Pineda Causeway.

          1. Thanks for all your postings!

            I have to say that the meal we had at the Pineda Causeway was quite good! Had some kind of mushroom and crab appetizer which was great plus very good main dishes.

            As an aside, after spending the money at Pineda, we tried Nikas for a simple dinner. I have to say that the Greek dishes we had (dolmadies, pasticchio and moussaka along with a goood salad) were pretty good. Unfortunetly, they forgot to bring the bread! Anyway, at $9 to &10 for the meal, I have to say its good.


            1. there is a little gem called Cafe Stella Blue on Rte 1, in the FL Driver License strip mall between the Eau Gallie and Pineda Causways, west side. Chef owner, wine oriented, dinner only, call for the menu- it's that small. Pricy though.