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PETRELLI'S steak House in culver city ? ANY GOOD?

Have heard about Petrocellis steak House in Culver......Have a Group of 9 , 6adults 3 kids 10-13....All Like quality food ! IS it any good .....or where else? that would not be Ruth Chris, Mastros's Ect...but close....:-)

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  1. I believe it is Petrelli, and I have head it is mediocre. My frined has a penchant for identifying previously frozen meat, and she detected it there. My brother dug the bar scene, though.

    1. It's decent.

      I go because it's really close to the house, but that doesn't make it great.

      The most enjoyable thing on the menu is a really good hamburger, which they will cook the way you like it. Get it with grilled onions, which are really a side order.

      Petrelli's is a neighborhood place, probably nostalgic for people who have lived in our neighborhood for a long time. Old man Petrelli is still around and his family seems to run the front of the place.

      They also pour a fair drink.

      I see people enjoying themselves there all the time, but I suspect they aren't chowhounds because the place gets low marks here -- lower marks than I'd give it, but I'm not as discerning as some people here.

      1. I think PaulF's description is pretty accurate. I've only been once and there was something about it I really liked. It was not the food however! Lots of old Culver City residents, I get the feeling a lot of the customers used to go there while "courting", and now take the grandkids there on Sunday nights. That gave it a certain charm. From what I remember, its the type of place where your entree comes with soup AND salad AND sides AND bread, and maybe even dessert. Soup tasted OK, like good canned soup. The salad was ice cold "garden salad," you know the type, lettuce, a couple of pieces of tomatoes, perhaps some shredded cabbage, decent vinaigrette. The entrees were fine, nothing to write home about. I think the cocktails were our favorite part, they know how to make a gin and tonic!

        My husband summed it up as a good place to take relatives who don't want to try anything they would think of as "weird." It's an old-time neighborhood restaurant with edible, unoriginal food, nice old school servers, and strong cocktails.

        EDIT: for a place fairly close by for your group, you might try Cucina Pardiso on Motor in Palms. http://cucinaparadiso.net/

        1. I swear the veggies are from a can

          1. Paul F hit this right on the head. It's George Petrelli's incidentally. Petrocelli is that lawyer that worked for Michael Jackson...

            This is strictly a place for nostalgic Culver City locals or those who wanna switch it up some night from going to Sizzler (which happens to be a block away).

            The only thing worth going for is that burger which I believe is ground steak maybe? It's mainly a lunch item and is probably just a way for the place to use up their steak they don't sell. Not a bad idea since it's executed well but not worth driving there for.

            I've gone there half a dozen times only because its close and I keep hoping its going to be as good as a Taylor's or Pacific Dining Car like so many other neighborhoods get to have. The steaks are mediocre at best, not prime quality at all and for what they are charging, a rip-off.

            The seafood is even worse. I've had better steak dinners at Ponderosa. The sides, like most steakhouses, are nothing to write home about but these are bottom of the barrel, definitely canned and probably sitting around for a few days. They dont even bother making a decent salad. I had red pieces of iceburg lettuce like you would find at a Denny's.

            Even worse, Grandma Petrelli is kind of a mean old broad who doesnt like to be bothered to even bring you a glass of water and usually is skulking at the door to welcome you or stomping around like shes in a hurry. The other wait staff seems nice and I feel sorry for them! The ambience is definitely 50s era and the furniture looks like it has been there since they opened. Some of the booths are kinda beat up and ripped. They clearly spent their entire maintenance budget for the next 10 years on that fancy blue neon sign outside!

            This place could definitely be something special in a rather steak restaurant-starved part of town but I don't think its gonna happen until George and Grandma visit that butcher shop in the sky.

            You won't get out of here without paying a good $50 to 60 bucks for a steak dinner and you will most definitely be wishing you had spent your money elsewhere.

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              Agree 300% - its awful; went here with ChowPup a few months ago when she was hankering for a steak and we were in the 'hood, however she was fighting the meat with her knife - not a good sign. Depressing too and I LIKE nostalgia on occasion. Too bad because I remember a while ago - maybe 15 years, it was a GOOD restaurant. Times change, sounds like the owners have had it.

            2. Having grown up on that side of town, Petrelli's was a popular choice for my school's sports banquets. Even though it's in a new location, the place does dredge up some odd nostalgia. I agree that the steaks are nothing compared to, say, Boa or Pacific Dining Car. But when we are coming home from LAX any time after noon, we stop in for the burger. With grilled onions. That has become our own tradition.

              1. It started the downward slide when George took over from Joe. Joe's old place across the street was the Pterelli's we remember and keep trying to find in the "newer Georges." 'Aint gonna happen!

                However the Hamburger is GREAT and is worth a fair drive, say Santa Monica, South Bay, or such. (Depending of the time, of course, L.A. traffic being what it is.

                I do enjoy the Ribeye.

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                  Thats true...the ribeye does seem to be the one okay thing to order there, that is if you are trapped inside with nothing else to eat for eternity. Ribeyes do tend to taste better than other steaks anyplace tho..something about the fat marbling compared to other cuts I think.

                  Interesting to hear about this mysterious brother Joe. I didn't realize there had been a second original location. When did they move, and how did they end up with furniture that looks like its been there for 100 years?

                  1. re: CNYinLA

                    As I recall, reminded by Google:

                    “Joe Petrelli's Airport Café was moved to the property known as the Kite site- where Circuit City is today. According to George Petrelli, his uncle Joe slid the old restaurant across Sepulveda in the middle of the night. Joe Petrelli died in 1958, two years after George Petrelli came from Italy to work for his uncle in the meat department. The "new" Geo Petrelli's location on Sepulveda Blvd. was a successful redevelopment project in 1995. When you walk in their door, you will find at least one of the three smiling Petrelli's and walls of memorabilia of its "Culver City Airport" location.”

                    My recollection is somewhat different in that I recall going to Joe’s a little before and frequently after my stint in the service, ‘61 to ’66

                    I remember pretty clearly that it was a tad south of the present day Shaky’s. Perhaps Joe moved it across Jefferson in the middle of the night. George Pretrlli had a steakhouse on Aviation quite a bit further south, far south of the airport. It was more of a bar, far from the style of Joe’s

                    I recall the move was simply across Sepulveda but more and more memories are modified in antiquity.

                  2. re: Wes

                    I was just searching to see if Joe Petrelli's was still around. I recently moved back to the L A area and I remember it as a kid. My mom and her boyfriend back in the 60's used to take me there, I remember I always used to get a square cube of ice cream that came in a little box...don't know if the ice cream was really all that good or I just loved the little box...lol. Too bad that George's isn't up to Joe's standards, don't think I'll be driving from South Bay for that.

                    Sounds to me like George's place could use a little touch of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares.

                  3. I remember it being north of slauson/playa--about where the midas mufflers is now. My dad was from Chicago (where beef is a way of life) and loved the old place. I've only gone to the new place once. The indifferent service and canned veggies were deal breakers alongside an only okay steak.

                    1. Not a foodie place. Go for the burger, the bar, the history, the train.

                      Keep it simple, hounds.

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                      1. re: Francesca

                        I agree...and I have been going since 1956...the burgers, the french fries and a "stiff" drink from the bar is the way to go! The beef "dip" sandwich and lamb shanks are also quite good! This is an old school type of place...always family owned and staffed...and if you choose carefully it can be quite satisfing!

                        1. re: TravelPath

                          You must be a true los angeleno! I discovered Petrelli's a few years ago and am a native of LA. Agreed that it can be a very satisfying experience. Great post, Travelpath.

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                            I was in George's Coffee Shop today and noticed the headline in the local paper announced that George Petrelli has passed away. I only ate at the old place across the street decades ago. My friend was a fan of the steak sandwich at the time which I ate a few times. It was fine. Interesting article about the friendship between George Petrelli and Albert Vera (of Sorrento Market and former mayor of Culver City). http://www.culvercityobserver.com/sto...