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AA Bakery & Cafe - Egg Custard Tarts

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Was driving through Chinatown yesterday evening (about 7:45pm) and was hoping to find a bakery still open. On Stockton Street a parking spot opened up right in front of AA Bakery & Cafe so in I went. Bought some Baked BBQ Pork buns, a couple of egg custard tarts and a couple of coconut tarts. When I got home I sampled all three - liked the pork buns, they were large but not the super sized ones you get at You's. The filling was meaty and not as sweet as is often the case ... a good all around bun - think they are 80 cents. The coconut tart was OK but not my favorite - a bit dry and cake like .... not as moist and coconutty as Golden Gate Bakery or Ruby King in Oakland. Different styles ....

The egg custard tart was very promising - a very flaky, substantial crust with a good filling but one that almost takes a back seat to the crust. In all fairness, it was just about closing time so some/all of these had been out all day and may have suffered for it. I'd like to go back earlier in the day and taste them at their peak. The egg custard tart may have a bit too much crust (flaky as it was) for the amount of filling - it was a shade dry. But I still enjoyed it.


AA Bakery & Cafe 1068 Stockton St. SF ( near corner of Jackson


They have a very large selection of items - some folks like their Moon Cakes....

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  1. ...so...Golden Gate Bakery must be closed for vacation...hmmm?!

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      Yes, Golden Gate Bakery is closed for vacation. Walked by the store yesterday.