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Aug 27, 2006 05:36 PM

Chile beers

I once had a New Mexican beer that was brewed with chiles, thought i was great. I regularly put a couple of shots of hot sauce in Mexican beers (got that from observing some Mexicans drink beer in a local spot). Anyone know of any "Chile" beers?

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    1. re: Jim Dorsch

      Rogue Chipotle is a very good chile beer.

    2. The hottest chile beer I've had was Ring of Fire at Racific Rim in West Seattle. One sip would make you break out in a sweat - not something you could drink more than a sample of, but some were buying growlers and drinking pints of it. Even mixed with 75% of their porter it was too hot.

      I've had more subtle attempts also. Wynkoop brewpub in Denver makes a decent jalepeno beer and so does Rock Bottom in Braintree, MA. Stone Coast brewery in ME made a batch of their Sunsplash ale with a slice of jalepeno in every can. It was pretty good, but I have only seen it at the Beer Advocate fests in Boston.

        1. re: Billy Bob

          That stuff tastes like Corona with a chili stuck in it. I'm not a fan.

            1. re: brentk

              I am not a big fan either, but the post didn't ask ones I could drink a six pack of, just did anyone know of Chili Beers. I had tried that one before so I listed it.

            2. re: Billy Bob

              there's a huge difference with fresh versions of this ber and old ones. The older it gets the more undrinkable it gets as the serranos inside get pretty disgusting.

              when it's fresh, this beer can be decent: the pepper livens it up rather than just decomposes in the liquid.

              (i'll never forget getting some of this in high school and the two girls I was drinking with preferring to take shots of vodka to chase this beer - hilarious. but it can be hot.)