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Aug 27, 2006 04:28 PM

BEST eggs benedict near the beach?

looking for a place/ cafe near the beach preferably manhattan, hermosa, or redondo area that serves great egg dishes, especially eggs benedict or florentine's... know of any? thanks!

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  1. Good Stuff Hermosa does a variation with Turkey instead of Canadian Bacon that is amazing.

    1. Cafe del Rey - I've only been there for dinner and it's pretty good, and they have benedict (and other interesting items) for brunch.

      ~ AquaW

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        2nd Cafe del Rey in Marina del Rey. I don't recall if I had the eggs benedict there but their food was really nice - it was the first thing I thought of when I saw your thread title.

      2. Martha's, Ocean Diner, another breakfast spot I forgot the name of on Hermosa Ave. just north of Pier, west side of street. All in Hermosa. Uncle Bill's & Local Yolk in Manhattan.

        1. Eat at Joe's is one place in Hermosa. Took over the Backburner Cafe.

          1. Chez Melange has unusual benedict dishes that are wonderful. Right next store is the Original Pancake House that not only has pancakes, but fluffy and very yummy omelets.