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Aug 27, 2006 03:53 PM

NYCer seeks Tex-Mex and BBQ dinner rec's in Austin

Hello All, thanks in advance for your suggestions!

I lived in Dallas for 20+ years and have been in NYC for three. I have a short three day stay in Austin over the weekend and I'm craving regional food. So, I'm going to Hoover's for chicken fried steak, Kerby Lane for brunch... and I need a few good Tex-Mex and BBQ suggestions to round off my time. I've read a couple posts that reccomend Arrandas for border Mexican fare and El Patio and Tres Amigos for Tex-Mexican; are there any more? Two notes, I'm staying close to UT and I'm getting tattooed all day (dinner after 7PM), I love to eat, but I'd prefer not to drive too far.

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  1. Ruby's on Campus (29th & Guadalupe)for BBQ, all the meat is Natural beef and they have a pretty mean brisket plate. . El Patio is pretty greasy, but authentic Tex-Mex. Trudy's on 30th is decent Tex-Mex with great margaritas. If you can make it brunch on Sunday try Stubb's BBQ's Gospel brunch. They are on 8th & Red River.

    1. Arandas is a solid choice, but I think you can do better than Tres Amigos (and even El Patio). After all, you want to find truly delicious chow, right? If so, I'd suggest you head over to the Hispanic east/southeast side of town, which is not far from UT.

      By the way, did you see these threads?
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      Two are similar queries by visitors and one was a visitor’s report. The replies cover the often-discussed Tex-Mex/Mexican and barbecue scene; however, these particular discussions range beyond the usual suspects.

      One last friendly word of warning from a fellow Texan who's also lived in NYC: Beware of popular Tex-Mex joints in the non-Hispanic part of town: Most serve aggressively mediocre food.

      Enjoy your trip!