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Aug 27, 2006 03:37 PM

Great places to pull off 95, and 80 thru Georgia?

I'm planning a road trip from the Northeast towards Valdosta GA -
maybe doing the long boring slog down 95, maybe cutting over through Georgia on 80.
And I'm looking for your food advice to help decide. Love North Carolina BBQ, but don't think we have time to hit that part of NC.

any thought for 80 and 95?

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  1. Cutting across 80 or 84? What towns are you going through in GA?

    1. we're arranging the route depending on where we find to stop for chow, so that's an open question . . .

      1. just to followup my own non-starter of a post . .

        we wound up at Maurice's off the interstate in SC. Mustard BBQ, and a devotion to the confederate flag (er, skip the gift shop) but everyone else eating there was Black, so I didn't run away. Anyway, it was a yard better than the fast food options in sight of 95, so we did okay. I'm a North Carolina vinegar pulled pork fan, so I wouldn't know the difference with the mustard stuff. It hit the spot. The sweet tea was perfect.

        In a moment of road delirium, we stopped at Sonny's - and realized way too late that it's a national chain. And that the pulled pork is no good there. OOPS!
        The ladies that work there were nice . . .

        On I-10 that cuts across the top of Florida, we had some pretty good 'cue - and excellent collards, and cabbage - late one night. Wherever it was, it was a little fluorescently lit joint a couple miles away from 10. But I don' t know the name. And I don't know if it was Woody's, the place that has billboards that we noticed on the way back.

        Lastly, we went to a place (the only place) in Greeneville FL, on Rt 90. Nice folks, okay pulled pork sammys . . .

        If you want info on the GOOD places, its on the threads I didn't find before I went

        1. Good Day Cafe in downtown Waynesboro is worth a stop. Can also get good BBQ at Frank's.

          And I've read about really good seafood joints along the GA coast if you go that far South on 95 before cutting over. Around Darien, Shelman Bluff. Might be able to find the restaurant names if you do a search for seafood in Georgia.