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Aug 27, 2006 02:15 PM

Quest for Wonton

Quest for Wonton
So... about 7 years ago I was in NYC and me and my dad happened upon this wonderful wonton restaurant in Chinatown. 2 years later, I was able to find it again by wandering around the neighborhood for a few hours and completely wowed my friend that I was with. I got the takeout menu at the time but have since lost it and forgotten the name, exact location, etc... I'll be in NY at the beginning of September and desperately need need need to find this place and eat their wontons. Here's what I remember about it:
Location: Not right in the middle of Chinatown, near a big street with a lot of electronics shops and maybe a park nearby, it's on a small street, almost a little alley.
Interior: You walk in the front door and there's a counter/noodle bar to your right, you sit at the counter and order and I think there's also a ledge on the left side you can sit your plates on. It's long and small, shotgun style from the front door and I don't remember any tables, although there may be a dining room in the back I missed. It's a little dingy, but not bad. I remember light wood paneling or light brown paint.
Menu: They have 2 or three different types of wontons/dumplings steamed or panfried, one kind is vegetarian with tofu, and they sell the wontons frozen too to take home. They also have noodle dishes and this really good scallion Chinese pancake which is real flat and eggy. The wontons are some of the best packages of deliciousness I have ever put in my mouth (hey, I'm still craving it 7 years later), and I must find it again.
If anyone knows maybe what I'm talking about, please please give me some info, what street it's on, or even just near, because otherwise I will drag my unwitting boyfriend around Chinatown looking for it until we happen upon it again, and he's good to me-- he doesn't deserve that kind of treatment. Thanks in advance, I trust y'all.

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  1. The dumpling place on Mosco Street sounds like it might be the one..that is like an alley with the park nearby.....not sure about the electonics shops, though..

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      Hey, thanks. Can you tell me if the wontons are really really good? I'll definitely check it out, but if you recommend different wontons, maybe i'd be better off elsewhere?

    2. Could you be talking about Dumpling House at 118 Eldridge Street between Grand and Broome Street? It's a few blocks over from Delancey Street. I love this place and eat there often. They have 5 fried or steamed handmade dumplings for $1.00. The sesame pancake with beef sandwich is $1.50. They also have a chive and egg sandwich for $1.00. There are other items on the menu but your description sounds like this place. Good choice!

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        I'll be sure to check out all takers, I looked at pictures of dumpling house and didn't think that was it but I could be wrong and it sounds like a good deal anyway. Thanks a lot!

      2. Timita,

        I'm curious where you're from that you're referring to Wontons and Dumplings interchangably. I wonder if this is a regional thing. In my mind, a dumpling usually has a different dough than a wonton, and is typically steamed or panfried (though sometimes boiled). A wonton, has a much thinner, more noodle-like wrapper, and is typically either served boiled in soup or deep fried crispy. In any event, I think for what you're looking for (as long as it's the dumpling variety) Dumpling House is the place to go.

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          I'm from the South... so just mark it down to being a dumbass. I actually know little about Asian food, just what I like and how to fix those things... We've always called them potstickers at home, I'm sure there's different names for different things. Just always assumed "wonton" was Chinese for "dumpling" and applied to many different things. Thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely swing by Dumpling House.