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Aug 27, 2006 02:11 PM


Any notes/pics from yesterday's smoke out on Ward's Island? I couln't make it this year due to family obligations.

The Guvner

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  1. Great day yesterday. I can’t compare it to past years, as this was my first, but the food was scrumptious and there was plenty of it. (almost everyone at my table went back for seconds.) The pork and chicken were particularly tasty. Also, kudos to the dessert makers, the shortbread with chocolate & caramel was really delicious, as were the toffee bars.

    It was great to catch up with many hounds I had not seen in a while and meet their friends, family & significant others. This is a terrific event, which I highly recommend for those who have not been.

    Thanks to the organizers and the volunteers for all of your hard work.

    1. It was much better than last year, except for the weather. There was a much smaller crowd and the food was better. And they didn't run out of beer! Only problem was that I ate an obscene amount of meat.

      1. I'm afraid you might have missed the best year foodwise ever. Not only were Bobby Richter & gang's meat as great as usual, but the trout was outstanding, and the sides were by far the best ever. I especially enjoyed the beans, cole slaw, and onions & feta. And the desserts were better and more plentiful than ever.

        I enjoyed the smaller crowd and the cooler weather. Thanks to the organizers and volunteers -- it was a great day.

        1. As previously stated it was a blast at BBQ-NYC this year. It was an honor to cook and slice beside Zak Pelaccio and Rob Richter and to meet and mingle with fellow foodies.

          I didn't get a chance to have the chicken but ate more than my share of deckle and pork. I really enjoyed the sides, too-- especially the potatoes, cole slaw and beans.

          The IPA was my beer of the day....even though the sun didn't shine, the weather was pretty darn lovely.

          1. Not much to add to all the other accolades on this thread but I'd be remiss if I didn't say how grateful I am to the organizers and volunteers who made Saturday's event possible. A tremendous amount of work went on before, during, and after the event that made it a success.

            Thanks to all who were involved.

            There are lots of pictures of the event here -