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Aug 27, 2006 02:09 PM

All Star Sandwiches

Officially, they are "opening" Monday, but they were open on Saturday, comping everyone's sandwiches and charging only for the sides. I had the pastrami, my bf had the cubano. The pastrami was excellent, on good rye bread with grainy horseradish mustard. My only complaint was that the bread was cut a little thick and the pastrami was not quite generous enough. If the bread had been cut thinner, or the meat had been thicker, the ratio would have been betterm and the sandwich would have been perfect. It was damn near close to perfect anyway.

Neither of us are experts on the Cuban sandwich, but it was tasty. My bf compaint was that they advertised a mango mayo (or something like that), and it wasn't really noticeable. Otherwise, very good.

I also got a side of coleslaw, which seemed a bit bland at first, then I found myself wanting more and more. We also got a chocolate chip cookies, which was fine, but not exceptional.

Despite the warnings that there might be delays, we were served quite quickly. The meats are very good. I'm looking forward to going back to try to the monte cristo, the beef on weck, the turkey with stuffing (I saw the stuffing, which looks great.)

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  1. You must have been one of the lucky ones to get inside. Someone was at the door (think it was Chris) letting some people in and others not. He was locking the door and it was early Saturday afternoon. I didn't bother to try to gain entry because I figured it was a private function.

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      Huh. We showed up around 3 or so, and everyone was being let in.

    2. I tried the Texas Reuben and thought it was great. Plenty of meat, bursting with juices, rich (though unmelted) cheese, and high quality bread. The chilli was loaded with flavor. The level of spice was very high but the level of heat was not. Still, a tongue-popping good bowl.


      1. We were there around 2:30 and everyone was being let in, it wasn't too crowded.

        I also had the cubano, thought it was good, but not nearly as good as Chez Henri's.

        I wished the pickles had more tang and, like your bf's complaint, more flavor in the mango mojo mayo----barely noticed it.

        Their cubano doesn't have cheese, which is fine with me because I'm a lactard, but did strike me as strange, and I think the sandwich would've benefited.

        1. Word from a reliable source is that they officially opened yesterday.


          1. Yup, was there today for a pretty dang good pulled pork.