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All Star Sandwiches

Officially, they are "opening" Monday, but they were open on Saturday, comping everyone's sandwiches and charging only for the sides. I had the pastrami, my bf had the cubano. The pastrami was excellent, on good rye bread with grainy horseradish mustard. My only complaint was that the bread was cut a little thick and the pastrami was not quite generous enough. If the bread had been cut thinner, or the meat had been thicker, the ratio would have been betterm and the sandwich would have been perfect. It was damn near close to perfect anyway.

Neither of us are experts on the Cuban sandwich, but it was tasty. My bf compaint was that they advertised a mango mayo (or something like that), and it wasn't really noticeable. Otherwise, very good.

I also got a side of coleslaw, which seemed a bit bland at first, then I found myself wanting more and more. We also got a chocolate chip cookies, which was fine, but not exceptional.

Despite the warnings that there might be delays, we were served quite quickly. The meats are very good. I'm looking forward to going back to try to the monte cristo, the beef on weck, the turkey with stuffing (I saw the stuffing, which looks great.)

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  1. You must have been one of the lucky ones to get inside. Someone was at the door (think it was Chris) letting some people in and others not. He was locking the door and it was early Saturday afternoon. I didn't bother to try to gain entry because I figured it was a private function.

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      Huh. We showed up around 3 or so, and everyone was being let in.

    2. I tried the Texas Reuben and thought it was great. Plenty of meat, bursting with juices, rich (though unmelted) cheese, and high quality bread. The chilli was loaded with flavor. The level of spice was very high but the level of heat was not. Still, a tongue-popping good bowl.

      photo: http://www.pigtrip.net/photos/ASSB-Te...

      1. We were there around 2:30 and everyone was being let in, it wasn't too crowded.

        I also had the cubano, thought it was good, but not nearly as good as Chez Henri's.

        I wished the pickles had more tang and, like your bf's complaint, more flavor in the mango mojo mayo----barely noticed it.

        Their cubano doesn't have cheese, which is fine with me because I'm a lactard, but did strike me as strange, and I think the sandwich would've benefited.

        1. Word from a reliable source is that they officially opened yesterday.


          1. Yup, was there today for a pretty dang good pulled pork.

            1. OK, where exactly is this place?

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                On the corner of Prospect and Cambridge Streets in Inmnan Square, about 4 doors down from East Coast Grill

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                  I noticed that there is another storefront available a few doors down on the other side of ECG. Now that he's finally got All-Star open, maybe it's time for Chris S. to develop yet another concept!

              2. Tried All Star today for lunch. Nice friendly folks at the counter. Great looking menu with lots of options - but about 1-2 bucks/sandwich more than I would expect to pay. Place was too hot to stay in and eat so we took our sandwiches to go.

                The atomic meatloaf (hold the inner beauty - my friend's choice not mine!) was ok. The onions and bread were tasty, but the meatloaf itself was kind of dry and dense.

                the Gobbler was also just ok. Good cranberry sauce, nice proportions of fillings to bread. But the turkey had too much of that gristly stuff and the stuffing was way too dry. I think Stuffing for this type of sandwich has to have a lot of moisture, more so than stand-alone stuffing, because the bread itself can be dry.

                Overall- everything was CLOSE to being really good and just needs some tweaking I think. I will definitely go back and give it another try.

                1. Went w/2 friends last night around 8pm. Slight take-out line, was able to sit down immediately. I got the Texas Reuben, friends got Meatloaf and Pastraminator. It's the first time that I've had brisked in boston that wasn't dry as a bone - this goes for the brisket at Red Bones, Soul Fire, and Blue Ribbon - they all lack the fat drippings that should make brisket tender. Friends enjoyed their sandwiches greatly as well.

                  The fries were so-so, just didn't taste wonderful. Was happy to see that they have taps (got a Smutty OBD). Service was a bit shoddy, we got no water refills, and were left alone after our order was taken, and after our food was delivered.

                  Definitely will go back to try other things. Wish that they opened later, this place would be amazing for late night eats.

                  1. I posted a review of my experience on Bostonist.com (http://www.bostonist.com/archives/200...


                    overall, I'll definitely be back, but I didn't find the sandwiches that stellar, for $7 - 9 a pop.

                    1. I thought this place was just OK. I would go to Darwin's over it, though I'm not a big Darwin's fan.

                      1. Went to All Star today for the first time. I've really been anticipating it eagerly, but today was my first chance to go.

                        I ordered the pastrami--one of my all-time fave foods--anticipating real deli pastrami.

                        Yuck! When he brought my order, I actually told him it wasn't what I ordered--I thought it was corned beef! It was thick and red and in kind of shards. It tasted nothing like any pastrami I've ever had--NYC or Brookline or anywhere. Though it was actually hard to taste anything since it was awash in waves of hot mustard. So hot I couldn't eat it.

                        The german-style potato salad was lousy, too. Way too salty, and the potatoes were undercooked.

                        Even the pickle sucked. I thought--paying a buck fifty for something that I expect as a free side--I'd get a good quality, half-sour deli pickle. No, this was yellowy and flabby, like it had been in some huge, industrial size jar for years.

                        I ate less than half the sandwich and couldn't eat any more. I left very, very disappointed--and hungry.

                        The service was excellent, and I appreciated the free lemonade refills. But I won't be going back.

                        1. Yep- this place is awesome...I had the tuna melt w/hot pepper relish add on, we split an order of fries (nicely darkened, sea-salty goodness, a lot to share for two people) and DC had the beef on weck.

                          What we said:
                          the best tuna melt ever, not soggy, barely mayo, fresh ingredients, the whole wheat bread (square, brown, nothing fancy) was diner-melted w/butter, not panini-scorched.

                          the beef on weck was "the same level of awesome" as Chez Henri's cubano, but "I dont feel like I just ate an entire farm animal."

                          However, we were totally stuffed. The Smutty Brown Ale was a very very good pour and the lemonade was oh-so-tart, perfect!

                          I'm quite sure that the ASSB will become a regular stop. Also, I was impressed w/the vegetarian options! huzzah!