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Aug 27, 2006 01:13 PM

Rapid City SD (Mt Rushmore) Chowhoundish recommendations?

I'm going to the Rapid City area in a few weeks. Anyone have any recommendations for interesting places to eat?

Or should I have some trepidation, considering that this area is not even considered in the geographic divisions listed under "Boards"? <nervous grin>

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  1. It has been 12 years since I was in Rapid City, but a quick check of Beer Advocate shows that The Firehouse is still around.
    Just a standard brewpub, I remember them having decent food and a couple real nice beers. It is an old Firehouse. Very interesting interior if I remember correctly.
    It's at 601 Main st., if you decide to give it a try.

    1. SD in the midwest? Illinois, yes. South Dakota, no. No need for trepidation. They eat in South Dakota too. Check in at the Elsewhere in America Board...for all the ugly step-children states who don't rate their own board.

      My brother, who goes to Sturgis for the bike rally every single year, suggests the following places. We've been to Rushmore..only a gift shop place for bkfst..but it is cheap. (we have many relatives who live in SD--gorgeous state).

      Jakes in Deadwood...the movie star Kevin Costner owns it I guess. "Don't go in shirtless". Very nice...great food. Don't miss going to Deadwood.

      Indian Tacos at Cedar Pass Lodge in Interior. Love those tacos!

      The Landmark in Rapid City...for wild game and local rainbow trout. "if you are craving buffalo..this is the place to go-great place".

      They go to Perkins for breakfast if they are in Rapid City. "Cute waitresses and fast is consistently good...not gourmet..but good". ( I posted on Elsewhere for ya---I am very curious to see if any replys come in).

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        Even though this is three years later that what the above response is I have to comment..... South Dakota is in the mid-west, in fact Illinois questionable but I would say more like Middle America. As I under stand the mid-west is west of the Missippi river. East of it is Middle America until you get to the East coast states.
        East, Southeast, South, Middle America, Mid West, Rocky Moutain States, Southwest, Pacfic Coast. Any comments.........?

        1. re: wineman3

          Well, hey wineman3~!
          What a coincidence...
          I live in Rapid City and just this moment asked you about a question in the PdC thread (Mayakoba Banyan Dining) in re: to Cocina 38 and the Wicky's venture you mentioned in June.

          We LOVE PdC but generally tend to eat very local and cheap, with the occasional dinner out with local PdC Hotel owners we consider family.

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            Hi ya Cuffedlinks.........I grew up in Martin and have a wine distributorship here in the area of Cancun and PdC. Longggggggg story...........anyway the next time you all come down contact me before hand at and I will give help if you need on letting you know about new things happening around. Again as you say one or two fine dining experiences on a trip is always fun and I believe Cocina 38 and Wickys will do just fine for that. All the best currently 93 degrees with 60% humidity................

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              It really gets me that people who live in middle America do not think South Dakota is in the Mid-West. If I am not mistaken isn't the geographic center of North America in South Dakota????

              1. re: wineman3

                Yes, In Belle Fourche, SD.
                Although I believe a couple of places try to claim that.

                Hey, if you know Michelle Kinnon...she's a friend and instrumental in the recent Taste of Playa. She has a blog about some new happenings. John Gray's and maybe The Uncorked Club. Anyway, here's the lnk:

        2. I just went through Rapid City over Labor Day and highly recommend The Corn Exchange if you are in search of a great meal. ( It's a bit pricey, but the chef adheres to the slow food movement and uses local and organically grown food to create some unique and delicious food. We had a roasted quail with red grapes over saffron rice and a braised lamb shank that were terrific. The wine recommended turned out to be an excellent French Burgundy at a reasonable price too. Overall it was one of the best meals I've had since coming to the Midwest.

          I also went to the Firehouse and had a great blue cheese buffalo burger - it's a great choice if you're looking for somewhere less pricey and more casual. I think they have live music in the evenings during the weekend.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Don't miss the Alpine Inn, Hill City. Great lunch menu, and only steak on the dinner menu. Yummy desserts. There will probably be a long wait, but well worth your time. Don't overlook the Elk's for Sunday Brunch. And you don't have to be a member. While visiting Mt. Rushmore, try their ice cream.