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Aug 27, 2006 10:12 AM

Famous Banquets

I heard of the Confucius Mansion Banquet, but does anyone know where there is a restaurant that cooks it? Any other famous banquets people know of?

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  1. Ah..... the elusive Kong Fu Yan. I never did managed to find it in Nanjing or anywhere else, but I highly recommend the "Dream Of Red Mansion" banquet presented by the Yangzhou State Guest House, about an hour's drive from Nanjing. If you want a good commentator to help you navigate the symbolism and literary context of each and every dish in this banquet, I recommend getting in touch, early, with Mrs. Ding from the Yangzhou Foreign Affairs Directorate -- she is one of the creators of this magnificient banquet. Enjoy!

    1. Check with tourism in QuFu, Shandong Province.
      Also, there are variations of the qianlong emperor's Man-Han Quan Xi banquet I believe available at Fang Shan in Beihai park. The whole one was done a few years back - it involves six meals for the whole gamut of courses.

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        Did you eat at any of these banquets? If so, what dishes did you have?

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          I think Jerome attributes his success on Jeopardy to the monkey brains served at a Man Han Quan Xi banquet.

      2. Gary Soup is very funny :)

        As far as the big banquets, no. They were outside my budget when I was in China. I usually went to the masses section of a famous place and ate quite well. My faves in beijing at the time were ShaGuoJu and KaoRouJi (in Shizhahai, beijing).