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Aug 27, 2006 06:02 AM

Restaurant serving grass-fed beef?

Can anyone suggest one?

This has been discussed before here but most of the postings were several years old.

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  1. Have you called Cut or Nick and Stef's?

      1. re: derekp17

        Cut is the new Wolfgang Puck steakhouse in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Wilshire in BH, while Nick & Stef's is in the Wells Fargo Center downtown LA.

      2. Sorry I meant what city was "hackenbush" looking for grass fed beef in. Sorry for the confusion.

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        1. re: derekp17

          Los Angeles...Beverly Hills...Hollywood...Culver City...Santa Monica...anywhere around there...

        2. cut and nick and stef's, only serve corn fed beef for a achieves superior marbling. actually, that's not true. the american and japanese waygu are also fed beer and maybe a little grass.

          1. I know of no grass fed steaks in the usual Steakhouses. It has a different, somewhat wild flavor. (Which I like.) As stated above by Revets2 it does not have the marbling and thus the flavor nor tenderness we have grown to enjoy. Marinating is often used, e.g. Carne Asada.

            Your best bet is to try Ethnic restaurants, specifically Mexican. A lot of the customers grew up with the special flavor grass feeding imparts and is therefore their taste of choice.

            Once again the ethnic diversity of Los Angeles serves us well.