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Aug 27, 2006 04:53 AM

Restaurant at the Getty - what an overpriced let-down

I recall going there about five years ago and thinking it was pretty good. I didn't recall the high prices and small portions.

I thought it would be nice to hit the Getty in the early evening and have dinner at the Restaurant around 7. The service was friendly enough and very attentive but go less so as the place got more crowded (understandable). We didn't have an appetizers, they weren't conducive for sharing. For my main, I had a duck dish that was flavorless. My husband (an Aussie) was thrilled to see barmundi on the menu, which was tasty but the portion was tiny. It came with some gnocci, which I didn't even see him eat, there were that few. The desserts were not bad, I had banana cream pie with some peanut butter ice cream and DH had a peach panna cotta. The entrees were $29 each, steep for a small portion with little flavor or sides and the desserts were $8.50 each. With a coke and one coffee, the total bill was $88 (not including tip). I might consider going back for a more reasonably priced lunch with someone from out of town but not for dinner.

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  1. if you ask me, the Getty itself is an overpriced let-down.

    anyways, i make it a general rule to avoid eating establishments contained inside some other attraction (hotels excluded). if you want to dinner-and-a-museum, I'd say check out Little Ethiopia after the LACMA, Sushi Gen after MOCA, or Marston's after the Norton Simon.

    this being L.A., you're most likely going to have to drive to dinner after your museum, but we're chowhounds, right? anything for good food.

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      I heartily concur with Amandine's first sentence. That being said, I've had a couple good lunchs at the Getty restaurant. Prices are less at lunch time, so perhaps expectations are lower.

      Mother-in-law and sister-in-law visited So. Cal. last Thanksgiving and I took them there one day. We had a nice lunch -- my salad Nicoise with fresh, seared tuna was very good -- and enjoyed the experience.

    2. I personally have never had less than a stellar experience at the Getty Center. It is not inexpensive, but when compared to Patina, Water Grill, etc, the quality to food ratio is terrific. The view is amazing as well.

      I also find the staff friendly and the management very present and helpful.

      1. Sounds like the prices have gone up about 15% since I was last there. Still, since the museum is "free", it makes for a great place to take out-of-towners for dinner on a Friday or Saturday night, I've never had any guests who didn't talk about/remember "dinner at the Getty" long after their visit.