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Aug 27, 2006 03:42 AM

great places to eat on the lower east side?

My husband and I escape the house and our four children every saturday night and somehow mostly end up eating in the lower east side ? Can anyone recommend smoe good places to eat in this area? We are open to asian, french, italian other words, we like to try it all. Thanks to you all in advance.

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  1. There have been lots of posts on this topic recently. Do searches for "Lower East Side," "East Village," and "Chinatown."

    1. Asian Danny Ng on Pell Street. Try the duck with veggies and if you are advenerous steamed eel with black bean sauce or chicken with salted cabbage.

      There is a nice dessert bar called Room 4 Dessert which I recommend and is on Cleveland Pl. The dessert chefs are from Morimoto's in Phillie. You can get a course for around $12.

      Down the block is a good french restaurant.

      The touristy French place is Balthazar which is nearby at Spring Street. The decor is nice but its not the same when it first opened.

      If you really like good food I would recommend Colors which is north of Layfayette and just south of the Public theater.
      The people are from Windows of the World which was a famous restaurant in NY before 9/11. That restaurant was in the World Trade Center. They have an international menu here and the food is Peruvian dish they got on the menu is pretty good.

      Nearby you can walk over to St. Marks and have fun eating at a Japanese Isakaya which they serve small dishes and liquor.

      Kenka izakaya Japanese restaurant on St. Mark’s Pl. between Second and Third Aves.

      I also recommend the Halo Halo shaved ice dessert at Krystals - Filipino bakery on 1st avenue. Then if you really want to be adventerous you can get duck embryo at Elvie's Turo Turo across the street. I don't recommend eating in that order.

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        With due respect for your suggestions, none of them are on the Lower East Side.

        1. re: Wilfrid

          Wilfrid, the "East Village" is just the northern part of the Lower East Side, and was never called the "East Village" until real estate agents started using it a few decades ago (I've read the claim that the designation was coined in the 80s, but I think it was already used in the 70s).

          1. re: Pan

            While that is certainly true, after 30-or-so years of "East Village" awareness, most people these days are referring to the area below Houston when they reference the Lower East Side. Regardless of your definition, though, Danny Ng, Balthazar, Le Jardin Bistro, Room 4 Dessert, and Colors all exist beyond LES boundaries.

            That said, I didn't realize Elvie's Turo Turo served balut, and I am really glad designerboy mentioned it. I'm going to freak the holy hell out of a lot of friends this weekend.

      2. Try Prune on E.1st St.

        1. Inoteca, on Rivington. Delicious small plates and a fantastic wine list.

          1. Alias on Clinton and Rivington is great, fresh food, with pretty good prices.

            I also second Inoteca.