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Western Smoke House on Overland.

Has anyone eaten at this place? I have been driving by it for years and im curious as to whether its worth stopping in.

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  1. i know! i drive by it constantly as well and i have no clue about it either.

    1. I live down the street and have been there a few times. It's good, but not fantastic. The food is very rich -- the onion strings are very greasy and I think they grill their sandwich rolls in butter. I have a friend who really likes the catfish, which I haven't tried. I've tried the brisket sandwich, which I like, and their hot links.

      The chef came out and talked to me once while I was eating, which I liked.

      I think it's a worthy choice if you want barbecue and you are nearby, but there is certainly better to be had elsewhere. I'm interested in their "Kobe beef ribs", which there is a sign advertising.

      1. It's been years since I've been. I thought the cue was good for the West side, but no comparison to the L.A. standard bearers like Woody's or Phillips on the Crenshaw strip.

        I did like their sweet potato fries: rounds (not batonettes) fried, and smothered w/ butter and brown sugar. Tooth decay on a plate.

        For those who drive by it, do try. It's worth a stop if you're in the area, but I don't drive from Orange County for it.

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          I second the sweet potato fries. Fantastic indeed, especially with the sugar and butter.

        2. My husband and I are from Texas and since moving to LA several years ago, we've yearned for some good ol' Texas BBQ. I'm still looking.

          We've picked up take-out from Western Smoke House several times (the place is too small to eat-in and feels like you're eating in someone's kitchen). The fare is relatively decent, and the meat options definitely outshine the side items.

          If you live nearby and pass it often, I'd give it a whirl. You will likely find that it's okay for the odd-night of take-out, but not a place you'd go out of your way to dine at.

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            I have to concur with the consensus. Certainly okay but not worth driving from out of the neighborhood. I have also found them closed when the hours posted said they would be open?

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              Oh that's a good point too ... about them being closed when their posted hours say that they should be open. I completely forgot until you mentioned it ... The first two times we attempted to eat there that happened to us!

          2. You wont need the bbq sauce here. Links are good, brisket is good, bbq meatloaf is awesome and their beef rib rivals Ruth's Chris's Cowboy Ribeye. They are more of a catering type place that keeps weird hours. The hours of operation on the menu seem to mean as little as the sign in front that says "Prime Rib"(they don't serve prime rib in the dining area nor as take out). But if you luck out and they're open you will have a good meal.

            1. last time was when i lived down the street near palms & overland.....in oh...2002ish. i found the bbq to mediocre at best but their fried chicken was pretty darn tasty!

              1. That place is the direcrt descendant of the old Texas Rib Joint on Pico.

                1. The barbeque is decent to good but it isn't destination fodder. I like their brisket sandwich: tender meat, nice flavor.

                  Bring cash - they don't accept credit cards.

                  1. I agree with all the good, but not great, comments. However, also be aware of the loooooooooooooooooooooooooog wait even if there is no crowd. They just seem to take a very long time to deliver the order.

                    1. As some noted, Western Smokehouse is the same folks that had the Texas Rib Joint on Pico. They "closed for repairs" for a long time but never opened again. Quite awhile after, a friend told me they had a stripped down version called Western Smokehouse on Overland. Same woman. Into a lot of catering it seems. Its never been as good as when it was on Pico. Something missing. Still better than a lot of the "BBQ" joints pouring sweet sauce over everything. I had takeout from there tonight. Actually a very good catfish sandwich, once I got it home and sprinkled cayenne pepper over the mayo I added to the bun. Sweet potato fries might have been good there but had steamed and got sogged up.

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                        Decent food but very inconsistent hours...also cash only. Agree that alot of their business must be catering.