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Aug 27, 2006 02:13 AM

CONSISTENT rotisserie-type chicken?

we all know zankou. either you love it or hate it. but honestly, i think the quality varies. sometimes i've had perfectly juicy fowl there, other times it's been dry as a bone. same with chicken at koo koo roo, el pollo loco, and pretty much everywhere else that serves bird on a stick. so is it possible that rotisserie places are necessarily inconsistent? anyone know a good one in L.A. that is consistently juicy and awesome? (and don't say california chicken cafe - that place is ok once in a while but overall their food is kinda bland to me)...

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  1. Man, I hate to say it but Costco puts it down on rotisserie birds. I usually grab one and one of their La Brea baguettes and make a sandwich from that.

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      oh yeah, dem costco birds are good! and pretty much consistent, yes. i used to tear them up and put them in salads.

      1. re: MEalcentric

        Those Costco birds are a great bargain and are really delicious to boot. They suffer from the universal "store roasted chicken" curse, of course, which is that they are packaged with plastic wrap. This means that the bird contines to steam while sitting there, yielding flacid skin. My solution is to wait until they bring out a fresh batch of chickens and then to puncture the wrap all over so the steam escapes - a perfectly crispy (well, better, anyway) skin and since I never eat the meat hot it's a good solution.

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          Another vote for Costco chicken. Take it home, open a nice bottle of Burgundy, and enjoy. The drive home with the aroma of the bird sitting in the passenger seat is almost unbearable. Must resist reaching for the drumstick....

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            Second on Costco. Little too salty for me, but definitely consistent.

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              we LOVe the costco chicken, its a staple at our house as you can do so many different things with it and the price cannot be beat.

            2. Gelson's roasted chicken is good. It is a tad costly to buy a portion of chicken but the whole, roasted bird seems like it is priced fairly.

              1. Spin Rotisserie Chicken at Lincoln and Washington in Venice/MDR is quite good.

                1. Sevan chicken in Tujunga is similar to Zankou but better. That might be a bit out of your way though.

                  1. chick's in woodland hills on mulholland, great birds