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Aug 27, 2006 12:57 AM

Boloco = nightmare

We just tried to eat some terrible mess (was it food?) from Boloco on Newbury Street. The place is a disaster area. Melancholy staff greet you with stained polos and sullen speech, slopping stale, rotting food onto undercooked tortillas. I ordered a bangkok burrito w/ chicken in a bowl and my boyfriend had a carnitas. The meat looked like the skin of a 70 year old compulsive sunbather, dry, flaky and unappetizing. The troughs of ingredients were noticeably crusted and unfresh. The "peanut sauce" was gooped onto my chicken because it was so cooked down from sitting in the vat all day. One would assume this would somehow concentrate the flavor, but alas there was none to be found. If fact, I can safely say that I've eaten many pastes in my day that are far superior. As for the carnitas, we'll leave it for the rats. I'd rather eat a crunch wrap from Taco Bell. At least I'd know what I'm in for and it doesn't cost six dollars. The search for decent restaurants in the Back Bay continues, and we'll definitely be crossing Boloco off the list. Does anyone out there seriously eat this crap? I only hope now that I can keep it down...

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  1. I continue to hope for Boloco to go under, replaced by a back bay branch of Anna's or Boca Grande.

    1. That sounds horrible! I've had decent meals (and, weirdly, great freshly baked chocolate chip cookies) at the Harvard Square location, and have never seen any problems with cleanliness or freshness.

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        I agree - the Harvard Sq place is reliably good and friendly. The manager stood at the door and watched my dog while I waited for my wrap... which never takes more than a few minutes.

      2. It was very bad, though I must admit I have an extremely low tolerance for chain restaurants that serve a very limited menu and still fail miserably to prepare even those foods correctly. I just cannot understand exactly what is so challenging about reading a computer generated order receipt...

        1. Haven't been back to this place since it was known as "The Wrap" - too many soggy experiences for my money. Walk past the patio on Newbury and for a look at the unhappy faces of their customers.

          1. Just got back from the dentist and read Boston Magazine's Best of Boston... Boloco on Newbury was their best 'fast eats'. Haha.

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              More discussion on Boston Magazine's Best of Boston and how they compile the list has been moved to the Food Media and News board: