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Aug 27, 2006 12:53 AM

Restaurant recommendations in Brooklyn Heights

We are delivering our daughter back to college on Sunday, 9/3. Her new residence is in Brooklyn Heights, on Henry Street (near Clark). My husband and son are not very adventerous food-wise...sigh. I am looking for suggestions for good restaurants such as delis/diners/Italian or other nonthreatening cusines.


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  1. Queen Italian Restaurant

    Be sure to check out the Brooklyn Heights Promenade while in town. Take a walk down Montague Street towards the river (only 3 blocks from Clark St.). Plenty of places to eat along Montague.

    1. The Waterfront Ale House, on Atlantic Avenue between Clinton and Henry has really good food in a pub setting. It's about 6 or 8 blocks south of Clark Street--well worth the walk.

      For more upscale dining closer to the dorm, Henry's End at 44 Henry Street has a very wide ranging menu--goes from very basic steak or fried chicken to much more adventuresome. And, they are very accommodating and will adjust menu items to suit your needs. Another place right nearby is Noodle Pudding, an Italian restaurant at 38 Henry Street. It tends to be very crowded, which is indicative of how folks feel about the food. Both are just about 3 blocks north of the dorm.

      1. If your family prefers simple food, I would suggest HENRY'S END on Henry Street, just a short walk away.

        They might also enjoy CLARK CORNER on the corner of Clarek and Henry. A short 1/2 block away from the Dorm, they serve up good burgers, sandwiches,omelets and salads in a pleasant Cafe/Diner setting. Especially nice for breakfast or brunch.

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          Clark's is a great diner. I don't know what time you're planning on eating but they're only open for breakfast/brunch/lunch on Sundays -- I think they close around 3pm. They're open until 9 all other days. There's also the Park Plaza diner on Cadman Plaza West, but the food and atmosphere is not as good as Clark's.

          If it's nice out you may want to walk down to DUMBO for Grimaldi's pizza (about a 10-15 minute walk from the dorm).

        2. Henry's End or Noodle Pudding (Italian, despite the silly name) both a block from each other on Henry street. Henry's end is much better food, but they have terrible ventilation, so you will leave and yur clothes/hair will smell funky. Noodle Pudding, is clean, simple, but not very inspired.