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Aug 26, 2006 11:44 PM

Just Desserts Chocolate Cake - I need Chowhound help for my daughter's birthday!

My daughter's 8th birthday is Monday and she wants a Just Desserts chocolate two-layer cake. We bought these at the Glen Ellen Market this summer, but I am unable to find a San Francisco location. The Just Desserts website hasn't been updated since 2002 and the various retail locations are out of business. Anyone know where these cakes are sold in the city? Many thanks.

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  1. There's a Just Dessert retail store at either 2 or 3 Embarcadero Center.

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      1. re: farmersdaughter

        oops, my bad....
        they weren't as good as before and I can see why they've closed. We had a chocolate tower cake from Delessio Bakery recently and it was REALLY good - have to serve it room temp though.

        1. re: chewonthis

          I agree 100%! Unfortunately Just Desserts was more convenient if you work in the FiDi than Delessio is.

    1. Thanks, that one has closed but I did find the one open location in the Bay Area, in the Metreon. (The Church Street location is apparently going to re-open.)

      1. For a long time Costco carried Just Desserts cakes, 1 chocolate and 1 other. Depending on the store, they might be with the breads, cookies, or on an endcap near the refrigerators.

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          i think the costco one is chocolate-almond and it is delicious.

        2. We bought a Just Desserts cake at an Andronico's in Berkeley last February I would guess that other Andronico's carry them as well.

          1. I've seen the regular chocolate at Costco.

            Did the Oakland branch close too?