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Aug 26, 2006 11:27 PM

lower Morningside Heights

Ten blocks: below 115 and above 105 (give or take a bit).
Quick lunch/take out options? I'll be working in the nabe and would love inexpensive (<$15) lunch suggestions.

Also... any good suggestions for after-work libations that I might not discover on my own?

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  1. La Noche, around 99th and Amsterdam, is probably the best inexpensive Mexican in that area.

    Good Cuban sandwich at La Floridita for $3. B'way just north of 125th.

    The chicken burrito at California Taqueria on B'way is the best in Manhattan, IMHO (warning: the rice is in the inside puebla-style for all you West Coasters). But I can't say much about the other food on the menu. HUGE burrito for $8.

    Krik Krak (sp) a Haitian restaurant on Amsterdam and 101st, gets generally good reviews and their lunch menu is dirt cheap.

    Jerusalem something or other (B'way and 101st) makes an excellent falafel.

    There's a string of Dominican restaurants and lunchonettes on Amsterdam btwn 99th and, say, 110th that are all pretty mediocre, but awfully inexpensive. The pollo a la brasa at El Malecon is probably your best bet.

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      "Jerusalem something or other" = Jerusalem Felafel! I like their stuff, too.

      El Malecon, between 97th and 98th Sts. on Amsterdam, has by some people's estimation the best pollo a la brasa in Manhattan.

      Indus Valley, Broadway near 100th St., is a damn good North Indian restaurant, and I believe their prix fixe lunch is $12 or $13, a true bargain for the quality.

    2. For lunch:

      Koronet - the biggest slice in NYC, for just $2.75
      Lunch special at Saji's - dunno exactly how much, but tons of sushi for very little
      Taqueria la Fonda - cheap and tasty tacos
      Absolute Bagel - no frills bagel sandwiches
      Milano Market - good sandwiches

      You can get good prepared foods from the JASMart, too, or from Garden of Eden. You should check out the food carts around Columbia, too.

      As for drinks, I like Mona Lounge on Amsterdam and 109.

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      1. re: piccola

        Right on. Taqueria La Fonda has great tacos and a good selection (including brain and tounge).

        Jerusalem Falafel has, IMHO, the best falafel I've had in the city. Better than Sam's.

        Had a pleasant lunch date with a cheeseburger at Carne on B'way the other day.

        And you can always rely on the roast pork buns at Ollie's across from Columbia if you need something fast and porcine.

        I haven't been, but there's a brand new Dominican diner around 105th and Amsterdam that advertises sandwiches starting at $1.99. Can't beat that price. Place looks clean.

        1. re: nobody special

          I do not agree with a recommendation for Ollie's. I think they're slobs and their food is barely passable at the very best. To be fair, I haven't had their pork buns but have had very regrettable siu mai and other dim sum items, plus regrettable noodle soups and such. I try my best to go to Ollie's as infrequently as possible.

          1. re: Pan

            I'm not recommending anything at Ollie's 'cept the roast pork bun, which, for whatever reason, is a delicious, greasy experience. Get one to go.

            Similarly, other than the excellent pollo a la brasa, I wouldn't recommend anything off the menu at any of the El Malecon chains in upper Manhattan. Uninspired and mediocre.

            1. re: nobody special

              I'm not sure what you're comparing them to - perhaps you could post about your favorite Dominican restaurants in another thread, because I'd love to try them. That said, I like their mondongo and sopa de pollo, and I think their chivo and oxtail are OK. I've also had some decent desserts there.

      2. I often head to Rositas for great breakfast - that's west side of Broadway about 109th. Dinner recommended for inexpensive trip to
        the "islands."