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Oct 19, 2004 09:35 PM

"double skin" at Great China

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On marlon's recommendation here, we tried "double skin" at Great China. Very good, seemed kind of Japanese or Burmese. I take it the "skin" is two soy products?

Is that a dish one finds elsewhere under some other name?


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  1. you can get a very similar dish at korean-chinese restaurants also, its called yang jiang pi

    there's a korean chinese restaurant on solano ave which has it, i believe the place is called tsing tao...

    1. It's a dish from the NE region of China, Shandong Province.

      1. "double skin" which in Chinese is "Liang Zhang Pi", is a classic Shandong dish found in all the Korena-Chinese restaurants.

        Tsing Tao on Solano is also a Korean-Chinese place, so they should have it. In San Francisco, Sandong on Irving also has it.

        For more choices down in the south bay, check out the previous post below.