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Aug 26, 2006 10:37 PM

PDX: Five Days Early Oct.

Hi there -

Heading to PDX from SF the second week of October. We'll be staying 4 nights at the Kennedy School and would love Chowhounds' recommendations for great breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner spots in Portland and the surrounding areas. We do plan to head to Hood River for a day as well, so if you have recs for Hood River, send 'em along! Also, any good festivals or events that we should check out?


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  1. Don't miss Portland Farmers' Market on Sat AM, not to be confused with Portland Saturday Mkt. You'll find:
    Bakeries: Ken's Artisan, Pearl, and Blue Gardenia.
    Tastebud Farm's mobile brick oven serving up cobbler.
    Hot Lips pizza featuring local ingreds.
    Alma Chocolates.

    Elsewhere: Also don't miss Sahagun Chocolates, best hot chocolate ever! Also lovely highly original handmade single origin goodies.

    Staying at Kennedy you have to check out Alberta St nearby.

    1. Aladdin Cafe is about 2 blocks north of the Kennedy School, and serves great Middle Eastern/Syrian fare with wonderful home made pita.

      1. Autentica (Mexican) and Cannon's Ribs are within walking distance of Kennedy School. Cannon's (in the New Seasons grocery parking lot) is decent barbecue and very casual--it has a covered area with tables but no indoor seating.

        Autentica is a very nice sort of upscale Mexican place.

        Alberta Street is also very close. The places I like there are Alberta Street Oyster Bar and Grill, Ciao Vito (Italian), Lagniappe (southern), and La Bonita (Mexican--not upscale).

        1. Lots of good close-by suggestions. I'd also add that Siam Society and Thai Noon are both good for Thai food. Siam Society is a little upscale and fusiony. Thai Noon is more typical, but still solid.

          Also, Fremont isn't that far and has some good restaurants, such as Fife.

          Also, Autentica has a very good breakfast/brunch with Mexican classics and they're waaaaaay less busy than they should be for brunch and lunch.

          Check out the tipsheet for some of my other standard recs:

          1. I agree you must try hot lips pizza. They make there own blackberry soda too..pretty tasty...

            JaCiva's chocolates on Hawthorne...very well worth the trip!

            Indian house on Burnside, great food.

            Have fun!