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Aug 26, 2006 10:23 PM

Dunbar's re-opening, new location

I'm a first year at Loyola Law School and we got an email on Thursday informing us that Dunbar's would be re-opening this Monday August 28th in the Broadway Activities Center on the Loyola Broadway campus...corner of Pine and Dominican (a block off St. Charles, a block off Broadway).

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  1. Wow--this is wonderful news! I will have to stroll on over and check it out, if Ernesto permits...

    1. Just to confirm. It is open...and boy is it good.

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        What did you have? Was it buffet style or order-off-the-menu? Please tell me that the fried chicken is still around...

      2. basically they took over a very small kitchen used for pretty terrible buffet service cafeteria food. so the variety they can prepare on a daily basis is limited.

        Had both breakfast and lunch Monday.

        plate of eggs, grits, sausage or bacon, toast or biscuit was $2

        for lunch...fried chicken with a side of red beans.

        Think they have a different lunch special everyday. And that's pretty much how it works. If there's a menu I can grab I'll copy it to this board.

        1. I just saw the news. This makes my day! Tell me, is it open for both dinner and lunch? Do they do the fried chicken daily?
          Also, I used to buy my cakes there. It was one of the greatest secrets. Dunbars used to bake an entire cake-huge by the way-for less then 25 dollars. I bought them all the time. They're better than the standard bakery cake but not extravagant. Just a good, moist Duncan Hines strawberry cake with cream cheese icing.
          Can't wait to get back there.

          1. sorry, meant to post earlier....

            DAILY MENU
            Po-boys: roast beef, turkey, shrimp, ham (hot or cold), hot sausage, hamburger

            Platters: BBQ Ribs, Catfish or Trout, Shrimp, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Tenders (3pc or 6pc), FRIED CHICKEN

            monday - none really, chicken and red beans
            tuesday - cabbage and BBQ chicken with yams
            wednesday - meatball and spaghetti
            thursday - mustard greens w/pork chop or fried chicken
            friday -- Gumbo by cup or bowl

            they're open 7am-7pm monday thru saturday, though saturday is a trial go saturdays to justify them staying open

            located at 501 Pine Street (one block off Broadway, one block off St. Charles)