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Aug 26, 2006 10:16 PM

brunch ideas in center city other than sabrinas/ morning glory?

(see above)

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  1. Mixto (11th and Pine)
    10th Street Pour House (262 S. 10th)

    1. I heard Crescent City (9th & South) started doing brunch, but haven't been there yet.

      1. Patou, the french-med place in Old City; buffet $19.95...wonderful! They often have live jazz as well.

        1. Beau Monde (6th and Bainbridge)
          Royal Tavern (Passyunk, btwn 6th and 7th)

          1. mmmm, i find the brunch at north third consistently delicious if you don't mind heading up to northern liberties. the fresh moz/roasted tomato omelette is to die for.
            i've noticed many of the other local bars in the neighborhood (standard tap, the abbaye, etc) do brunches as well but i have not tried these yet.

            my other favorite brunching spot is a BYO in manayunk called fish tank on main - just down from the sub-par le bus. i like their chilled soups and fritattas.

            both places, n3rd and fish tank feature simple, well-prepared fresh dishes - neither ever substitute authentic, natural flavor for grease & oil, which is always much appreciated by this frequent diner!