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Aug 26, 2006 10:11 PM

Pre-packaged diced prosciutto

I'm looking for a source for this. I used to buy two pouches at a time and freeze it loose in a ZipLoc bag. It was fantastic for tossing into pasta, scrambled eggs, etc. It's a German brand and comes in a plastic pouch. They used to sell it at Trader Joe's a long time ago, then Cala on California stocked it for a few months. Now the only place I know of is Andronico's, which is a real schlep for me without a car. Anyone know of a source in downtown San Francisco? Thanks

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  1. You might try any Italian deli that has prosciutto ends after slicing...Molinari's, etc. Maybe even North Beach restaurant has ends for sale for dicing. They have superb home cured prosciutto.