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Aug 26, 2006 10:01 PM

London service

We were exhausted, we must have looked awful, it was the middle of a very hot afternoon, they had most of the furniture moved out of othe front room while they were getting ready for a party, and no other customers were visible when my boyfriend and I stumbled into Punch Tavern for lunch. We would have completely understood if the matire d had turned us away. Two sunburned Okies in London, looking for lunch at three in the afternoon.

However, he greeted us warmly, discussed the menu like it mattered, and the food was delicious and fresh and just what we needed. I can not say enough about what an impression this gentleman made. Thank you.

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  1. Where is Punch Tavern? This kind of service is exceptional anywhere, and in London--!!

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    1. re: crowsonguy

      on Fleet Street. Yes, exceptional is a good word for it. It seemed like an 'after work' place, and the party was for, as he put it, "some sort of lawyer".

    2. Apparently it's quite a famous pub so it's not surprising they have a lot of parties there.

      But, for London, your experience is a pleasant surprise!